Who is Khaby Lame, the most followed tiktoker in Italy

Khaby Lame

The tiktoker Khaby Lame. Source: Instagram

The universe of TikTok was conquered by Khaby Lame, a twenty-one year old boy who in a very short time has reached more than 18 million followers. Became in fact the most followed Italian creator on the platform has ousted colleagues who have gravitated to social media for much longer. In fact, he overtook Gianluca Vacchi and Luciano Spinelli undisputed protagonists in the ranking of the most followed Italians in the world.

Who is Khaby Lame?

Khaby was born in 2000 in Senegal but lives in Chiavasso, a town in the province of Turin. Until the beginning of 2020 he worked as worker, was in charge of numerical control in a plastic materials factory. Then came Covid-19 and with the national lockdown, finding himself locked up at home, he looked for a way to pass the time: between a game on the Playstation and a workout, boredom took over until some friends suggested he create a profile on TikTok. Khaby was not new to the web, in fact, some time before, he had opened a channel on YouTube with a friend that had 100 subscribers.

At first the idea of ​​landing on TikTok made him uncomfortable because he was convinced it was just ballets and situations cringe. However, success arrived on the social network. The secret? Definitely the spontaneity and theself-irony. In the videos I post, he manages to convey what he feels through facial expressions, creating a bond with users.

Its contents are a mix of humor with ethnic background is comic skits: an intuition that has proved successful enough to conquer people from all over the world. About six months after the channel was opened, he had half a million followers and received the verification badge from TikTok.

Success on TikTok

In addition to the very high number of followers achieved, the views some videos have exceeded 100 million. A huge achievement that Khaby attributed to his own ability to communicate using the universal language: le body expressions! His audience is in fact made up of people scattered throughout the hemisphere and, by not using a specific language, he is able to make himself understood by anyone who recognizes himself in his gestures.

In the first videos, the boy wrote in Italian and, although it was going very well, growth was slower. As soon as he began to communicate with the body, his popularity exploded.

The most successful videos are those made with stich, or clips in which he shows his reaction following another video found on social media. Everyone can identify with him and his spontaneous reactions.

The reflection on the color of the skin

During an interview made by Fanpage.it, Khaby was asked if i black creators had a harder time gaining exposure inside the platform.

The tiktoker replied that it is not easy to obtain certain awards regardless of being white or black. Receiving the badge from TikTok was a consequence of his commitment and the consistency he puts into making the clips. It didn't particularly contribute to increasing the visibility of its content, but it certainly represented one personal satisfaction.

Khaby, at the moment, is the only color creator to have achieved recognition from the platform. The news was picked up by several foreign portals that are talking about him making him famous in other parts of the world.

Khaby Lame
Khaby Lame and girlfriend. Source: Instagram

Image credits: Instagram, Instagram.

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