Who is Deddy Amici: age, name and surname, girlfriend, biography

Who is Deddy Amici: age, name and surname, girlfriend, biography

Who is Deddy Amici: age, name and surname, girlfriend, biographyWho is Deddy Amici: ageto, name and surname, girlfriend, biography. Very young singer-songwriter from Turin, Dennis Rizzo, in art Deddy, it's a student of the school of Friends of Maria De Filippi, the popular Canale 5 talent show. Who is Deddy? Let's get to know him better.

Who is Deddy Amici: age, name and surname, girlfriend, biography

It was in Amici's school that he met the dancer Rose Of Grace and the love at first sight struck. The young man became one of the finalist singers of Friends 20 and for the young singer-songwriter, with the arrival in prime time, the doors of popularity have opened wide and who knows that success will not arrive. But who is he really Deddy Friends? Let's find out more about this very young and talented singer-songwriter.

Who is Deddy Amici: ageto, name and surname

  • First name: Dennis Rizzi
  • Name D'art: Deddy
  • Birth place: Turin
  • Date of birth: May 30, 2001
  • Zodiac sign: Gemini
  • Profession: barber and songwriter
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Tattoos: none visible

Who is Deddy Amici, the biography

Dennis Rizzi, in art Deddy, is a young singer-songwriter originally from Turin. Born in Settimo Torinese, in the suburbs, 19 years ago, he has an older brother to whom he is very attached and whom he considers his best friend. Dennis has always said that as a child, music was his salvation and the vehicle with which to vent his emotions.

Her childhood however it was painful and was marked by the divorce of the parents that came when he was in elementary school: music was a real salvation for him. From May 2020 Deddy starts working as a barber at the Barber's Shop, but music remains his true passion. In fact, the boy decides to devote himself to music seriously and completely: he studies piano and begins to write his pieces introducing himself as a songwriter.

The right opportunity arises when you take part in the casting of Friends 20 and manages to enter the school of Maria De Filippi's program, trusting that it is her springboard.

Deddy released his first album which is titled Strong and Fragile in October and was released on Spotify: before entering Amici's school, the album received 50,000 plays. Deddy managed to enter the school with his unreleased song, Nella notte, which revealed his skills as a songwriter.

The song made him win the attention of the judges and then he managed to enter the evening. Very active on social media, Deddy on his Instagram profile has over 80 thousand followers: it is actually a profile with few photos and above all dedicated to his activity as a singer in the school of Amici.

However, his stay at Amici seems to be somewhat turbulent: the singer-songwriter has been accused of being too similar to other singers he has already heard. He actually confirmed that he had little chance to study and that he had to rely on something he had already heard with the hope of trying to become more and more original.

Deddy Amici: who is the girlfriend

With the participation to Friends for Deddy the doors of popularity have opened wide, but let's find out more about the young man's private and sentimental life songwriter. Right in the school of friends, Deddy met the young woman Pink Grace Dancer, also a student of the talent of Maria De Filippi. Rosa, born in Santa Marinella 20 years ago, won the jersey of Friends 20 edition 2021, officially entering the school in the first episode of the talent.

The girl, a pupil of Lorella Cuccarini, is participating in the program despite resistance from Alessandra Celentano who believes that the girl does not have enough technique and does not have the right conformation to be a dancer. But despite this, the young woman was allowed to participate as a dancer in the evening.

The spark between Deddy and Rosa it was launched last February and the couple still seems to be very close. The love story between the two very young with the dream of making it into the world of entertainment seems to be going well and she has also declared her love to the boy in front of the cameras. "I love you so much”Rosa told her Deddy right in front of the cameras.

In short, it seems like love and to sanction their union the young couple formed by the singer-songwriter and the dancer has also created a choreography together.

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