Vinted, who are the ad girls? All their names!

For weeks now, on all social networks but also on TV, we have been invaded by advertising for Vinted (here for the article where we explain how the app works). "If you don't put it on, put it up for sale”Is their slogan. And every time there is a different girl. Each of them is simple, pretty, soap and water. We at were also curious: who am I? Which ones are they their names? What do they do in life? Come on, let's find out together (also thanks to the New Songs site).

Vinted: Caterina Cantoni in advertising

The first we talk about is her, Caterina Cantoni. Perhaps those who have been hanging out in the world of social media for a long time remember her for being part of the House of Talent crew. She was also chosen as the host of the program "Ready Music Play”Broadcast on DeAKids together with Sofia Dalle Rive. "I do a lot of advertisements, photo shoots, for my future then I have a dream in the drawer: I'm studying a lot to become an actress, I really hope this desire will come true“, He had told some time ago.

Vinted: Flora Domitilla Marazzi in advertising

The second is this cute black-haired girl. His name is Flora Domitilla Marazzi. Unfortunately, we don't know much about her … except that she graduated from the Sapienza University of Rome in the course of Figurative Arts, Music, Entertainment and Fashion. Unfortunately we didn't find it on Instagram.

Vinted: Benedetta T. in advertising

The third girl we're talking about is Benedetta Tewoldeberhan, a model. On Instagram it is called @ benedetta.tewoldeberhan1. Maybe there isn't a new face. In fact he also participated in the video clip of the song "Tik Tok RMX" by Sfera Ebbasta, but also "Plaza" by Capo Plaza, "El Party" by Jake La Furia, "Chosen" by Maneskin, "I do what I want" by Rovazzi.

Vinted: Camilla Maita in advertising

The girl with the pigtails from the Vinted commercial is Camilla Maita. He studied Herbal sciences and technologies at the University of Milan, and is currently a teacher at a dance school. Her Instagram profile is @millicami.

Vinted: Cloe Simoncioni in advertising

The fourth girl is Cloe Simoncioni. Unfortunately, we don't know much about her either. She also works as a model, she is born in 1998 and has more than 30 thousand followers on Instagram. @cloes_ is her Instagram profile.

Vinted: Margherita Scotti in advertising

The fifth girl is Margherita Scotti. This was his first TV commercial. She wrote on Instagram: “I had never done a commercial in my life and I had a lot of fun! So, even if you may have already seen it and can't stand me anymore, I'll put a little piece here too! ". Her profile is @ margherita.scotti.

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