Tapiro d'Oro for Diletta Leotta: reveals the social mystery of Can Yaman

Tapiro d'Oro for Diletta Leotta: reveals the social mystery of Can Yaman

Tonight a Strip the news (Channel 5, 8.35 pm) Valerio Staffelli delivers the Golden Tapir to Diletta Leotta, "attapirata"After several sites spread the news of the alleged end of the love story between the beautiful presenter and Can Yaman.

On a previous occasion, the correspondent from Striscia had tried to deliver a Tapir to the couple, but the Turkish actor had managed to escape taking them away with him Leotta. This time the face of Dazn's football did not disappear, he received the Tapiro and responded to Valerio Staffelli.

Diletta Leotta receives the sixth Tapir outside the San Siro stadium and reveals to Valerio Staffelli: "The marriage did not skip, what are circulating are just rumors: the love story is true and I am very happy. There is only to do things with the right times. He took off social media for business reasons".

The story with Can Yaman: a fairytale atmosphere for Leotta

After parting from the boxer Daniele Scardina, the relationship with Can Yaman she seemed sober almost barely touched. All like in a fairytale, according to the script. But there are some rumors about their history.

Now, Can Yaman has disappeared from social networks that had also made their story official while Beloved he did not remove anything from his account. A sign of relaxation or at least of conviction as regards his choices that do not seem to change: the TV presenter of DAZN he does not intend to return except under certain conditions.

Via the ring, away from Instagram the profile of the soap opera actor Day Dreamer: in addition to Alesi's conviction, there would also be the sources of Santo Pirrotta who in the Tv8 program “Every morning” announced the crisis while the Leotta in the last photos posted she appeared without the engagement ring on her finger, a Tiffany jewel worth more than 40 thousand euros. The two would have quarreled because he asked Diletto to follow him to Turkey for a few days but he said no, the reason for the refusal is not known, whether for work or choice, what is known is that Can has been in Sicily to meet her family and friends.

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Can Yaman and loyal love for Diletta Leotta

In fact, the actor had been photographed with Diletta Leotta and also with his mother, the most beloved Ophelia always alongside the young presenter and journalist.

“It is a loyal love, in which I take my responsibilities, as seen. I have great respect for her, for our relationship and confidentiality is our first promise: we communicate what concerns us, together. When is the wedding everyone's talking about? I am one who acts without taking too long, without mincing words. I follow the push, fast. I believe instinct is in the name of God. But let's keep the surprise on something, "he declares Yaman.

Romantic and descriptive phrases, a defense of sentiment and shared choice. A plot from soap opera, for some, far too fictional. And that it would have already met its epilogue.

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