Simona Ventura very close to Barbara D’Urso's son

Simona Ventura very close to Barbara D’Urso's son

Simona Ventura he is in a slightly uncomfortable chair, he hasn't been very successful lately and is thinking about new programs.

He has already thought of a new format and is working on it.

With whom? With the son of his historical enemy: Barbara D’Urso.

The controversy starts immediately but Simona has the answer ready.

You are curious right?

Simone Ventura puts his hand forward

After the last show hosted by Simona Ventura, "Game of Games – Gioco Loco" it was clear to everyone that there was a need for something new, however Simona never gives up.

His next show will be in the next television season together with a colleague, Paola Perego, the two will lead the program "Everything is Sunday" which will be broadcast from 11 in the morning on Rai 2.

It is the other program that has sparked controversy.

From next Saturday 24 July at 15:40 Simona will lead the second season of "Discovering Simo", up Real Time, a journey through the interests and passions of Simona Ventura that will take place in her homeland, Emilia Romagna.

The transmission is the result of the production of the SiVe company and the executive part is the prerogative of Addictive Ideas, a company that also includes Emanuele Berardi.

Which it is the son of Barbara D’Urso.

Simona Ventura will work with Barbara D’Urso's son

Emanuele Berardi (33 years old) is the son of Barbara D’Urso and the film producer Mauro Berardi.

The rumors are rumored: but weren't the two enemies? Did you understand Barbarella pushing her son?

Simona writes on Instagram that he is "a young professional very capable who enjoys all my esteem "and" Given the controversy, I would like to softly say that, too the so-called "sons of", have the right to build their future and demonstrate what they can do in the field. It is called MERITOCRACY and I will never lose hope that, even in Italy, this can count! "

But the real controversy lies in the fact that Simona once said of Barbara: “I think she has a big deal with women but honestly I don't want to keep up with her, I play another championship (…) She dated several of my exes, some time ago I jokingly said that it was one of the few in Italy to do separate collection. (…) From the human point of view I have other references ”.

Ok, but what does the son have to do with it?

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