"I don't like my image". His outlet is a lesson

"I don't like my image". His outlet is a lesson

AliceLikeAudrey on Instagram.

Alice Venturi, AliceLikeAudrey, first landed on YouTube and then on social media for a long time now. She was one of the first to understand its communicative power and to build, with the sympathy and sincerity that distinguish it, a large and cohesive community. Honesty is the basis of the relationship that binds her to her fans, which she always puts first when she chooses to sponsor a product or brand, to address current issues or simply to talk about her life.

And honestly he spoke again on Instagram this time. On social media, where almost everyone looks perfect and happy, showing only the best part of their life and hiding, in most of the times, bad moods or weaknesses, she admitted, with extreme frankness having trouble with her mirror image.

For some time, he said, he hasn't liked himself. This is why he has already started training and following a healthy diet. Instead of only showing the change once it happened, he wanted to share that too with his fans moment of pure despair.

I wanted to share this down time with you, which I will surely overcome. But this is to tell you that we pass in this period. And if I get, I hope, to a better physical shape for me, at least you will know that this is my period not.

A small gesture, that of AliceLikeAudrey, which perhaps may appear meaningless but which, in reality, can make feel less alone all those who, comparing their existence with the perfect one of their favorites on social media, can feel embittered and not understood.

Just to tell you – has in fact concluded – that if you also feel this way right now, you are not alone and I didn't want to simply publish a "look, I've lost weight" to you in a few months, because there is so much more behind it.

Alice, on the other hand, with her outburst, sets the record straight: everyone can have bad moments, they can have dissatisfaction, problems and sacrifices to face. The life of influencers, even if on social media it looks perfect in short, it is just like that of all the others and must not be, for the observer, an occasion for demoralizing comparisons. The outburst of the Venturi, thus, has turned into a moment of confrontation and a precious lesson to keep in mind.

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AliceLikeAudrey on Instagram.

Image credits: Instagram.

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