How to find out the sun sign, moon sign and ascendant on Spotify? Here is the secret!

Are you curious about the sun sign, the moon sign and the ascendant in audio format on Spotify? For a few days it has been possible to create your own astral chart directly from the audio streaming app, which is able to give you some information about your listening habits. Here's how to make it, step by step!

The new Spotify function that allows you to discover your own signs and ascendant is called "Only You" (in English "Only You"). This new Spotify feature allows each app user to obtain six categories of analysis of their listening, one of these specifically dedicated to the music horoscope. It is an alternative astral chart, which transforms artists into real zodiac signs. No Capricorn, Sagittarius and Leo, but singers and songwriters indicated under three labels:

  • Sun sign: indicates the artist you have listened to the most in the last six months, in short, the artist of the heart of the first half of 2021;
  • Moon sign: indicates the artist who most sets your emotions and passions in motion, the one who makes you sensitive and really enters your heart;
  • Ascendant: he is an artist you have recently discovered and you cannot do without!

How to access the music horoscope function? Just open the Spotify home and click on the banner “Find out how you listen. Which artists, songs and podcasts distinguish you? ”. If you can't find it, click on this link.

Ready to locate your astral chart? Do you want to meet Miss's? Share yours with us and we'll reveal all the details!

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