Case Denise Pipitone, a journalist reveals the outcome of the DNA

Case Denise Pipitone, a journalist reveals the outcome of DNA 1

Case Denise Pipitone, a journalist reveals the outcome of DNA 1

The Denise Pipitone case today will find its conclusion, apparently the DNA has already been compared and today in the Russian show “Let them talk”, Olesya will reveal whether it is Denise or another girl who disappeared years ago.

A writer Matteo Grimaldi revealed the alleged outcome of the DNA:

“We are at the end. I have received many reports regarding the story of Olesya Rostova and Denise Pipitone. I think I can say we have an answer. And I don't intend to allow Russian TV to speculate on Piera Maggio's hope yet. As you know, Russian TV is creating a kind of reality show around the story.
Today he communicated the negative DNA result to a mother who hoped that Olesya was her daughter who disappeared as a child. My heart cries to have to communicate that tomorrow the same script will be broadcast with the lawyer of Piera Maggio, guest of the program. Eventually they will have Olesya meet with the one who is referred to as his biological sister.

So let's put an end to this show, let's put an end to this propaganda of feelings and pain that Russian TV thinks it is still carrying on by making fun of millions of people who hoped to see Piera Maggio smile with his newfound Denise. It will not be so. I tell you with tears in my eyes. I'm so sorry for mom Piera.

This is the photo of Olesya's biological sister. Guys, Rostova unfortunately is not Denise.

To the bad news, I must add the doubt that this matter is a bad staging by the broadcast. The girl on her profile has always had dark hair, until the last two photos in which she wears it the same color as Olesya, and this detail makes the similarity very evident. Under the photo with the presenter of the show he initially put a caption that hinted at his joy at the discovery of his sister, then – when visibility was reached – he replaced it with a cactus. The two also joined on social networks and exchanged some likes. Olesya Rostova put the little angel face under the last photos. And the sister is called Angela. In short, it seems to me too much for two young girls who Russia would have asked to keep silent. I hope we clarify what appears to be a farce against Piera Maggio and all of Italy ".

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