Cameron Herrin, who is he and who killed? The story of the viral boy

Surely you've seen his face on TikTok. In the last few days it has gone viral, dividing the users of the platform. But who is this ice-eyed boy !? And why is everyone talking about him? We tell you right away. His name is Cameron Herrin. A boy like many others, 21, who was convicted by the court for killing a mother and her daughter. The facts date back to 2018.

We are in Florida, along an avenue. A 24-year-old girl, Jessica Reisinger, was walking down the street pushing the stroller of her 21-month-old daughter, Lillia. At one point, Cameron runs over them – unwittingly – with a Ford Mustang car that was driving at full speed (said to be 170 kilometers per hour). On the web they say doing one clandestine race with another car. Cameron Herrin pleaded guilty to street murder in court. A few days ago, three years after the incident, there was the sentence: the boy was sentenced to 24 years in prison. He will be released from prison in 2045.


Yes ok, he is as good as few, but we admit he deserves to pay for what he did

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In the last few days, TikTok's Per Te has been invaded by Cameron Herrin's face and her frightened eyes. Users split. On the one hand, who agrees with the sentence. "It is called justice and it applies to everyone. It doesn't matter how beautiful or good you are. 24 years are few, trust me". On the other hand, those who think that the sentence was too harsh. "Guys it's been too many years", “Then there are those who do it voluntarily who are out after 2 years".

On TikTok, a video of an alleged protest in front of the house of the judge who issued the sentence went viral. But beware: the video below is fake. In fact, the video is from a PROM party, or the prom. There is no street protest for Cameron Herrin at the moment.


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