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Brisida Influencer Instagram TIk Tok

Brisida she is a young woman tiktoker of success originally from Milan. His name is linked to the world of the web, his videos in fact count thousands of views every day. His dream in the drawer? is to become a successful actress and also to break into world of television

Who is Brisida?

  • First name: Brisida – The surname is unknown, the girl never revealed it
  • Date of birth: January 22, 2003
  • Age: 18 years
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Profession: Tiktoker
  • Birth place:Milan
  • Height: Information not available
  • Weight: Information not available
  • Tattoos: none visible
  • Official Instagram profile: @ brisida.s
  • Official Tik Tok Profile: @brisida
  • Follow us on our official Instagram profile: @


Brisida was born in the Lombard capital on June 22, 2003 under the zodiac sign of Cancer. Unfortunately, there is not much information about her, it is not even clear what hers is surname, in fact, the young woman has never revealed it on social media. It is known for certain that he is currently attending the school of administration, finance and marketing and that his passion for the web was born a few years ago. In fact, since she was a teenager Brisida loves making videos, however, her parents have not always been happy with this entertainment even if, over the years, they have given in and allowed her to follow her greatest passion. In her free time she loves to keep in training, not everyone knows that the young tiktoker is practicing boxing I swim. Recently Brisida has decided to go and live alone and to have her own independence by breaking away from her family, even though she is not yet of age. In a recent interview he confessed that living alone it's not easy at all, In fact, Brisida does not always manage to reconcile all of hers in the best possible way commitments, which worries her in particular given that this year she will have to sustain maturity.

Work and Career

Brisida is one of the web star, the young girl is in fact one of the most popular tiktokers on the web, she has an account with over a million followers. Her huge success on social media allowed her to land in Stardust House, that is a particular house where twelve Italian influencers currently live where they have the opportunity to develop projects together to increase their popularity. Together with her in the house there are other web stars such as Aurora Baruto, Patrizio Morellato (both with more than two million followers) and many more. Her secret dream is to break into the entertainment world and become a very successful actress.

Brisida is part of the generation of the generation of Influencer prodigy, among the top 100 in Italy on social networks among which we also remember: Valeria Vedovatti, Elisa Maino, Martina Vismara, Giorgia Malerba, Pietro Boselli, Ludovica Pagani, Cristina Buccino, Marta Losito, Luis Sal, Rosalba, Giorgia Gabriele, Cecilia Cantarano.

Private life

Regarding the love life of Brisida, the girl is often in the company of another successful influencer: Patrizio Morellato also in the Stardust House. However, the two denied that there is a relationship, saying that there is a discovery and an acquaintance taking place.

In the past, however, it seems that Brisida had a flirtation with a colleague or the young tiktoker Tommaso Donadoni. The same Brisida has confessed that his love life was rather tormented, also thanks to his young age. Despite having had several negative experiences, she confessed that she has always forgiven in love.

Brisida on Instagram

Brisida has almost 400,000 followers on Instagram. But it is on Tik Tok that the girl boasts the largest number of followers and on this platform she achieved success reaching the number of 1 million and 600 thousand followers.

Brisida Influencer Instagram TIk Tok


  • Not everyone knows that she appeared in the music video of Nuclear Tactical Penguins;
  • It has more than 300,000 followers on Instagram.


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