Are Maddalena Corvaglia and Paolo Berlusconi together? Here is the truth

Screenshot Maddalena Corvaglia and Paolo Berlusconi

Are Maddalena Corvaglia and Paolo Berlusconi together? Here is the truth, but the whole truth about their alleged relationship

Screenshot Maddalena Corvaglia and Paolo Berlusconi
Screenshot Maddalena Corvaglia and Paolo Berlusconi

Gossip, gossip, gossip, who more, has more. News, pseudo-news, real photos or photomontages, in the summer heat wave everything is welcome and nothing is thrown away. Always new news appears on the horizon, when there are not even those invented, you return to ride old chatter hoping that most have forgotten about it. One of the chatter that has come back into fashion these days sees protagonists Paolo Berlusconi, brother of Sivio and the former tissue of "Striscia la Notizia", Maddalena Corvaglia.

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In a moment of apparent calm on other fronts of gossip, their alleged story returns to bomb with lots of photos in a famous weekly. But what's true? Are Paolo Berlusconi and Maddalena Corvaglia together? The former showgirl has already repeatedly denied this indiscretion through her social channels, moreover by directly attacking another famous weekly, which according to her, was going too far beyond what is permitted.

A dinner in the center of Milan was enough to rekindle the never dormant suspicions of the hounds of the bombs – gossip, who have repeated their theory that there is a story between the two. But is this really the situation? Or is there something else? The reality is a little different. The two alleged lovers had no romantic date but were in the company of Paolo Berlusconi's son, Davide Luigi, and his new partner Matilde, with whom Corvaglia has formed an intense friendship. In fact, many times the former tissue was a guest of the young couple in some of their summer residences.

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At the moment Maddalena Corvaglia is single. His only attentions are directed to his daughter Jamie, born from his marriage to the drummer Stef Burns.

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