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Martina Trinca throws a dig at Gianmarco Fabrizi? Here is the video!

The love story between Martina Trinca and Gianmarco Fabrizi ended several months ago. It was February when the boy announced the end of their relationship, which began as a beautiful friendship. "It seemed correct to me to keep you informed of the end of our relationship", the message shared at the time by Gianmarco Fabrizi.

A lot of water has passed under the bridges. Gianmarco Fabrizi has grown a lot on social media, has expanded the circle of friends and is now living the experience of Question mark with some creator colleges, like Giovanni Bonaccini and Simone Bettin. After having denied the rumors of a relationship with singer Deddy in recent weeks, Martina Trinca recently released a video that made all gossip lovers jump from the chair.

"When a single sentence would be enough to ruin the image they created, how much I would like it“, Writes Martina Trinca on one of the latest videos shared on her profile. A girl comments: "Who knows why below is Gianmarco's video". Martina replies:

Perhaps because he felt involved.

But that's not all, because Martina also shared a rebus as a comment, a set of emojis that suggests that behind the dig there would be the shadow of a betrayal: a baby, horns and a blonde girl. In short, a "child" would have enjoyed betraying her. Who is Martina Trinca talking about? The girl spoke in the plural, so the options can be many …

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Tania Cagnotto, the VIDEO in the water is pure show

Tania Cagnotto Tokyo 2021 daughters

Tania Cagnotto, the athlete who is the symbol of our country in the world, in a video in the water: it is pure spectacle. Fans have no doubts: 10!

Tania Cagnotto Tokyo 2021 daughters
Tania Cagnotto – Instagram

Tania Cagnotto, the former Italian diver and world famous for her sporting successes, continues to make a show. Despite not competing anymore, the sportswoman is very popular on the social profile, just six days ago she wrote on the occasion of the Olympic Games: "It will be a suggestive Olympics, special also for me who will watch it for the first time after more than 20 years from home obviously with a bit of nostalgia ".

Could not miss the photo that immortalizes her on the trampoline in one of her last races, just before launching and giving rise to a show always remembered with pleasure by the fans.

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Tania Cagnotto, show in the water

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Candace Cameron criticized for video on the Holy Spirit

Candace Cameron Bure has published a TikTok dedicated to Holy Spirit (viewed over 2.4 million times!). Her followers harshly criticized her for considering the video too sexy. The star of Fuller House And Make it brake it she was forced to apologize. What exactly happened?

Candace, a devoted Christian, posted a TikTok with the sensual song by Lana Del Rey, Jealous Girl which in the text reads: "Baby, I'm a gangsta too, for a tango it takes two people". The problem arises from the moment he titled the video "When they don't know the power of the Holy Spirit”Moving with the Bible in hand. It is appropriate to say: "open heaven". Her fans, who also follow her for being a good Christian, did not appreciate the combination Holy Spirit – Bible with sensual moves and song by Lana Del Rey. The situation degenerated when Cameron shared the video with her 5 million followers in Instagram stories, potentially increasing the message and the consequent criticism.

The actress ran for cover and tried to explain that the idea for the video came to her seeing the one made by her daughter Natasha who read: "Qhen he raises his voice at you, but you were raised by a Russian NHL player”(Referring to her father, as well as Candace's husband). For her, that video demonstrated her daughter's strength, while hers would demonstrate the strength of the Holy Ghost:

I was using a very specific clip from TikTok and applied it to the power of the Holy Spirit, which is incredible. Many of you thought I was trying to be seductive. It clearly means that I'm not a very good actress, because I was trying to show strength, not seduction.

The justification did not convince his followers. Candace Cameron has decided to delete the Instagram Story (not the video on TikTok) and apologized:

Maybe I was just trying to be too cool in a biblical way that didn't work.

Its backtracking convinced most of her followers to apologize. There are also those who, in the comments on the video, wrote: "You didn't have to apologize! It is the devil at work to convince you that you have made the wrong decision".

[FOTO: TikTok]

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