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Who is Federica Pellegrini: age, Tokyo Olympics, boyfriend and private life

Who is Federica Pellegrini: age, Tokyo Olympics, boyfriend and private life

Who is Federica Pellegrini: age, Tokyo Olympics, boyfriend and private lifeWho is Federica Pellegrini: etto, Tokyo Olympics, boyfriend and private life. She is one of the most famous Italian swimmers of all time: Federica Pellegrini he is a freestyle specialist with which he has won numerous world and Olympic titles. Who is Federica Pellegrini? Let's get to know it better.

Who is Federica Pellegrini: etto, Tokyo Olympics, boyfriend and private life

For some years now, the swimmer has also undertaken the television career: became a popular face of television, including the judge of the popular broadcast Italia's got talent and advertising testimonial of many different brands. At the center of gossip for her eventful private life, Federica Pellegrini is now happily engaged to the coach Matteo Giunta and will participate in the Tokyo 2021 Olympics representing Italy.

Who is Federica Pellegrini, age and private life

Here is the personal profile of Federica Pellegrini:

  • Name: Federica Pellegrini
  • Date of birth: 5th August 1988
  • Height: 177cm
  • Weight: 66kg
  • Zodiac sign: Lion
  • Birth place: Mirano (Venice)

Federica Pellegrini was born on 5 August 1988 in Mirano, in the province of Venice under the sign of Leo. She comes from a wealthy family and is immediately directed to sport by her parents so much so that her first successes in the pool come at the tender age of 7. The successes arrive practically immediately and soon he participates in the first Olympics in Athens winning a silver in his specialty, the two hundred meters freestyle.

In 2005 he participated in the Montreal World Swimming Championships and wins another silver, but seems to be under stress due to the numerous races. In Beijing in 2008 he conquers his gold and sets a new world record, he confirms it in Shanghai 2011 at the world championships and the same happens in the double over 200 and 400 style.

In 2012 it returns at London Olympics from which she will be defeated, without any medal, the same will happen in Rio where she had also participated as standard-bearer of the Italian team during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

To the 2019 Gwangju World Swimming Championships returns to win gold hoping to replicate the success also during the upcoming Tokyo 2021 Olympics where it will participate by competing in 200 freestyle. Federica Pellegrini also seems to be very attracted to the television career: since 2019 she has been a judge in Italy's Got Talent alongside Mara Maionchi, Claudio Bisio and Frank Matano.

Who is Federica Pellegrini and the Tokyo 2021 Olympics

Federica Pellegrini participates in the Tokyo Olympics 2021, scheduled from 23 July to 8 August, representing Italy: the blue team of swimming it is made up of Federica Pellegrini (who will compete in the 200 freestyle) and other athletes, such as Benedetta Pila. The blue has already announced that it will be the last time he will go into the pool.

Who is Federica Pellegrini e Instagram

Federica Pellegrini is very active and very followed on social networks: her Instagram profile is followed by over 1.3 millions of followers. A lover of tattoos (he has many of them scattered all over his body) he is also a lover of animals, especially cats, and of his cat Mafalda, she is a real fashion vicdim, on several occasions she admitted to having the closet full of designer clothes.

Who is Federica Pellegrini and private life

There private life of Federica Pellegrini it has always been quite lively and at the center of gossip. The swimmer had a four-year reaction with colleague Luca Marin, then interrupted by the betrayal with the swimmer Filippo Magnini. At that point, an eventful relationship with Magnini begins, a relationship that will last six years.

But shortly after the Rio Olympics comes the definitive break after a period of ups and downs. However, she is currently happily engaged to the coach Matteo Giunta and seems to have found a new balance.

Who is Federica Pellegrini and fashion

There are many fashion collaborations that Pellegrini has made: sport and fashion come together to create an exclusive combination. An example? There he is:

October, 2019. Jaked presents the new communication campaign for the autumn / winter 2019 season. Two swimming champions and sport icons stand out: Federica Pellegrini, the greatest Italian swimmer ever and brand testimonial since 2013 e Fabio Scozzoli, European and world swimming champion.

Tokyo Olympics, July 27, 2021: the Italian champion snatches the 3rd time trial in her semifinal of the 200 freestyle, securing 7th place in the final. Only Michael Phelps could do so much. Pilgrims in tears for happiness!

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Incoming search terms:

Federica Pellegrini welcomed in Tokyo by anti-doping: the first hours in the Olympic Village

Federica Pellegrini welcomed in Tokyo by anti-doping: the first hours in the Olympic Village

The Italian champion documents the first hours of the Tokyo Olympics on social media: from the cardboard beds to the plexiglass that separates the diners in the canteen of the Olympic Village.

The Olympic adventure of Federica Pellegrini: the Italian champion landed in Tokyo, where she will participate in her fifth and last Olympics. To welcome her, shortly after landing, the surprise anti-doping test, a routine frequently reserved for the most successful athletes.

"And that you don't want to do a good anti-doping as soon as you arrive? " wrote the swimmer joking about it and sharing for followers the photo of her arm with a small patch that protects the spot where the surprise sample was taken.

In Federica's reportage there are also the first shots from the Olympic Village: the swimmer shows in the Instagram stories the now famous cardboard bed, which has been talked about a lot in recent days. An ecological choice on the part of the organization of the Games, even if there were those who thought it was a way to dissuade intimate relationships: in reality today the organizers have specified that the cardboard beds "they are robust " and it is therefore not true that they would have broken at the first sudden movement or under the weight of more than one person.

The blue champion then jokes on the plexiglass that divides the seats at the table in the Olympic canteen, showing a video of the lunch with her coach Matteo Giunta, with the amused comment: "at the post office... ".

Thus began the Olympics of Federica Pellegrini in the name of good humor, who in Tokyo will chase the fifth Olympic final in the 200 sl, after the gold in Beijing 2008 and the silver in Athens 2004.

(Featured photo: Federica Pellegrini leaving for Tokyo, Via Instagram, @ kikkafede88)

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Olympics, Azzurri flying to Tokyo: the emotions of departure

Olympics, Azzurri flying to Tokyo: the emotions of departure

The first "Olympic flight" to Japan has taken off. "Our wonderful dream begins. I am pawing”Says flag bearer Jessica Rossi. "Today I can't help but smile”Says Paola Egonu (video).

Parade of Italian sports stars on Friday 16 July in Fiumicino, where the first "Olympic flight" took off in the afternoon: destination Tokyo. At the airport, the Azzurri, representing eight disciplines, were greeted by many travelers who did not fail to cheer them on.

At the head of the flag bearer Jessica Rossi, Olympic champion shooter in women's Trap in London 2012: the other blue standard-bearer, the cyclist Elia Viviani, will leave in the next few days.

"I couldn't wait and the long-awaited moment has arrived"Said Jessica Rossi, as reported by theHandle. “On the 23rd evening our wonderful dream begins. I'm pawing, I can't wait to experience the emotion of the opening ceremony".

Jessica Rossi, excited and happy, at Fiumicino airport (Photo Via Instagram Story, @jessicarossi_official)

The national volleyball teams, for women and men, are also starting.

"The ambitions are to play one game at a time. Live for the day as we always have. The goal is to load up in the group to see if we can do something special later" commented Ivan Zaytsev, captain of the men's national team (at the bottom you can see the videos of Zaytsev, Matteo Piano and other Azzurri during the trip).

"Let our journey begin! We do not know where and what this adventure will take us… what I am sure is that it will be unforgettable"The champion of the women's national team wrote on social media, Paola Egonu, who a few days before departure on Instagram shared some reflections:

"These Olympics never seemed to arrive… and instead here they are, just a few days away from us. We have the opportunity to write together an important page on sport and volleyball. Regardless of how it goes, we will do everything we can to bring our colors as high as possible, and we will enjoy every single second … rest assured! ".

The women's volleyball team at the start (Photo Via Instagram, @paolaegonu)

The judo athletes have also left, Fabio Basile (gold in Rio), Alice Bellandi, Maria Centracchio, Odette Giuffrida, Manuel Lombardo, Francesca Milani, Nicholas Mungai is Christian Parlati, the artistic gymnasts Ludovico Edalli, Marco Lodadio, Alice and Asia D'Amato, Vanessa Ferrari, Martina Maggio is Lara Mori, the Olympic silver couple in Beach Volleyball a Rio 2016 Daniele Lupo is Paolo Nicolai, and the other two couples Carambula-Rossi is Menegatti-Orsi Toth.

Finally the Azzurri of Shooting took off, Lorenzo Bacci, Sofia Ceccarello, Paolo Monna is Marco Suppin, together with those of Shooting, Silvana Tired is Mauro De Filippis in the Trap, Diana Bacosi, Chiara Cainero, Tammaro Cassandro is Gabriele Rossetti in Skeet.

(Featured photo: Cristina Chirichella and Ivan Zaytsev in Fiumicino, waiting for boarding on the first "Olympic flight", Via Instagram, @conisocial)

The men's volleyball team on their way to Tokyo

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