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Tommaso Zorzi and Francesco Oppini: friendship at the end?

Tommaso Zorzi and Francesco Oppini: friendship at the end?

For some time there have been rumors on the web of an alleged friendship crisis between Tommaso Zorzi And Francesco Oppini. At first, those directly involved had silenced the rumors:

“I have not quarreled with anyone and I have not quarreled with Francesco”Said the winner of the Big Brother Vip. "It also annoys me to be here having to talk about this stuff. But unfortunately that's the way it is. Oh well, let's go on".

Even the sports commentator, answering a fan's question about a hypothetical friendship crisis with Tommaso, answered decisively denying any kind of tension between him and the influencer:

"The correct question is: do you know that I had a fight with Tommaso or did you read it on some blog that in order to have a like you would sell a relative? I'm sorry to disappoint you and many detractors, but Tommy and I didn't really fight, quite the opposite. Greetings".

The fans of the two former gieffins, who were great protagonists of the latest edition of the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini, welcomed the words of Tommaso and Francesco with joy. However, according to the portal Whoopsee Tommaso Zorzi would have stopped following Francesco Oppini on Instagram. Always second Whoopsee, replying on Twitter to a user who contested him for political reasons and who according to the network is a friend of Francesco, Tommaso tweeted:

"If you ask for a friend, your friend can ask me directly. Dearest things to you and your family". Then replying to another tweet in which a user stated: "Why instead of continuing to incite hatred to your fans, don't you once in a while defend your friend Francesco Oppini? ", the influencer would have replied: "I believe that after the recent tasteless releases and the carnivals this evening, everyone can kindly continue their own way. Soon! ".

And now the fans of the two former gieffins are wondering what happened between the two, hoping that any possible crisis in their relationship can be overcome as soon as possible.

(Featured photo: Tommaso Zorzi and Francesco Oppini at the Maurizio Costanzo Show last April, Via Instagram, francesco_oppini_82).

Selfie by Tommaso and Francesco dating back to last April (Photo Via Instagram, @tommasozorzi)

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Does Addison Rae have a new boyfriend? The truth about kissing on Instagram!

Addison Rae a few hours ago he published an Instagram Stories that stirred his 38.5 million followers. In the short video published, we see on a wall only the shadow of "Addison" (then you will understand why we are using these quotes, they are just a precaution!) Hugging and kissing a boy passionately. Let's try to clarify!

But are we sure it's really her? The fact that the video ended up on his profile does not necessarily correspond to the fact that the girl we see inside is actually the tiktoker. And in fact, the most attentive, in this sense, certainly did not miss an important detail! The clip that tiktoker published on Stories (which has the famous 80's song as its soundtrack Bette Davis Eyes from Kim Carnes) is in fact actually also present on Pinterest, although we do not know if it was uploaded before or after on the social platform. The protagonist of the clip, in short, it could be Addison, but we don't have enough elements to say that she is 100%. There is also a but!

A few minutes after the video was published, the guitarist Omer Fedi he reposted the clip on his Instagram profile. And here other perspectives open up. Yes, because the gossip about the possible couple made up of Addison Rae and Omer Fedi have been chasing each other online for a month now. The two had been pinched together at a concert by Machine Gun Kelly last June 19th. Fedi, among other things, is the guitarist of the singer of I Think I'm Ok. Another suspicious detail is the fact that today Addison was wearing a hat that coincides (apparently) with the mysterious shadow.

So, to recap: even if Addison wasn't the girl in the offending video, there is certainly something boiling in the pot. And that she and Omer, at least for the moment, seem to want to keep us hidden. For now we just have to wait for all the confirmations (or denials) of the case.

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Harry's memoir is on the way and the Royal family is shaking

Harry royal family

Not long before the release of Harry's memoir. Everyone in the Palace trembles at the thought of what the Duke of Sussex may have written about them.

Harry royal family

The relationship already crumbled between Harry and Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and the Royal family it has now reached its final breaking point. One year after Megxit (term that refers to the retirement of Prince Harry and his wife and former actress Meghan Markle from duties as members of the British royal family), we can no longer keep track of the stunts made by the two spouses and which the members of the Crown have suffered. English.

Even the closest relationship of the prince has now become irrecoverable: Harry and his brother, William, Duke of Cambridge in fact, they grew up together facing the duties and responsibilities of British Royal life, dealing with the death of their mother Lady Diana and what then came of it, among the numerous paparazzi and rumors about their family. Despite the harmony between the two, after the arrival of Meghan Markle in the life of the second son of Prince of Wales, Charles, close to the Crown, the two brothers have drifted apart. Indeed, they do nothing but argue. The last time they met was on the occasion of the inauguration of the statue of Lady D and once they arrived at the palace, some rumors close to the royal family said, Harry and William started arguing heatedly.

Another cause for disagreement, especially for Harry's grandmother, the Queen Elizabeth II, is the opulent lifestyle adopted by the Sussex, who apparently, abandoned the British Crown, have earned staggering figures on the shoulders of the royal family. Their next move? It seems to be theout of a book, which terrifies everyone in the Palace.

Harry and the memoir that terrifies the Royal Crown

It is a memorial to the new book coming soon, written by the ghostwriter and Pulitzer Prize winner J.R. Moehringer, on behalf of the Duke of Sussex. It should arrive in bookstores around the world at the end of 2022, but at Buckingham Palace they are already shaking. What he expects to find the royal family in Harry's memoir is no good. Did Harry blurt out all the secrets still hidden between the lines of those pages? The most terrified of all is Prince Charles. The future king is worried that his son has put his wife in the center of the sights Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and that he spoke badly of her in order to ruin her reputation, right now that Carlo wants to make her the next queen.

The Duke of Sussex promised that the coming of his memoir they will all go completely in charity, will it really be like this? For the future profit is still to be seen, but we already know that Harry has pocketed 14.7 million of pounds (17 million euros) in advance from the publishing house Penguin Random House, one of the most famous in America. Did the Sussexes have donated these millions to charity as well? In short, what will happen after the release of Prince Harry's book is still a mystery, although we can already imagine some drama at the Palace.

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