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Who is Roman Beley, the guy who is depopulating on TikTok

Who is Roman Beley, the guy who is depopulating on TikTok

Password: never take yourself seriously. This seems to be the prerogative of the very popular profile TikTok of Roman Beley, starting with your username: ronny_dep, which of course apes the well-known actor. Great irony, ability to follow trends and use the sounds of the moment with originality and sympathy, is the perfect recipe for an almost profile a million followers, just like Roman's. His audience seems to love him madly and even on Instagram he managed to garner a fair number of followers: about 28 thousand. Not bad at all, however, it is on TikTok that Roman has his real, large, audience.

Ronny Dep, all his sympathy on TikTok

TikTok Italy it really seems to hang from the lips of Roman Beley, who, on a more or less daily basis, posts a video that is always different for his tireless followers. The type of its contents varies a lot: from POV, ai video fail, with irony on the trends of the moment up to the pure nosense with absurd tutorials and absolutely hilarious. We often see it appear in his TikToks too his girlfriend, also present in several romantic shots shared by Roman on his Instagram profile. Many users, given the actual similarity between the two, had thought it was of Roman's sister, but an unequivocally romantic video, in the wake of the trend of Runaway of Aurora, clarified once and for all the relationship between the two.

@ronny_depRaga but how can you open it? apr Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

Unfortunately, not much is known about Roman's private life, he does not seem too inclined to share the most intimate sides of himself and his daily life. We know it has Ukrainian origins and that currently lives in Modena, as he specified in his Instagram bio. Even the girlfriend, Uliana has a profile TikTok with over 100 thousand followers and lives in Modena. Of the same type, ironic and original, his videos also seem to be very popular with fans, who have clicked I like it beyond 3 million times in all only on TikTok.

These days, laughing is always good and right and there are never enough profiles that help you to disconnect from the daily madness and have fun lightly at least for a few minutes. Roman is certainly one of the funniest and most ironic content creators of the moment and followers appreciate!

Image credits: Instagram.

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