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problems with both families

Harry and Meghan

The conflict with the Royal family is now famous all over the world, Harry and William are unable to stay more than five minutes in the same room. Now it's up to Meghan's family: her father threatens the Sussexes and her brother is a likely competitor of a well-known TV program.

Harry and Meghan

They have made mistakes and wrong attitudes the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (at least so they say about them), but it is really true that the two former royal spouses can not really rest assured. The problems created in the last year and a half with the Royal family he dismissed the little prince Harry from the graces of the grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II and the father, Prince of Wales Charles. Not to mention the now tragic relationship with his brother William, Duke of Cambridge. It would seem that the two met after a long time at the inauguration of the statue of Lady D in Kensington Garden and that, once he arrived at the palace, Harry was unable to stay in the same room with his brother for more than five minutes. The two would quarreled furiously and so the Duke of Sussex left in a hurry to America, which has now become his home.

In short, the relationship with the royal family seems to have completely sunk and we just can't see a lifeline between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the members of the Royal Palace. Now to put your finger in the sore of the reputation of Harry and Meghan, it seems to be the family of the latter.

Harry and Meghan threatened by Thomas Markle

We heard about him shortly before the Sussex wedding. Meghan's father he had made a gesture that was never forgiven by his daughter, who decided to completely break off relations with him: Thomas Markle he had been photographed by the paparazzi during the wedding preparations, in exchange for a large sum of money. This behavior sent Meghan into a rage, and she immediately withdrew the invitation to Royal Wedding and who, from that moment on, did not want to know more about his father.

Meghan and Thomas Markle

Now Thomas Markle is back on a war footing. After trying in every possible way to reconnect with his daughter, often throwing the details of the Markle family into the press (certainly not the best move) and, noting the futility of his attempts, he decided to make an extreme gesture : threaten the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The man not only wants a relationship with Meghan back, but he would also like to meet his grandchildren, Archie Harrison and the little one Lilibet Diana and to do so, he is ready to take legal action. The Sussexes, however, do not move an inch and Meghan does not seem at all frightened by her father's threats.

Thomas Jr Markle next competitor of Big Brother Vip?

Not only Meghan she must keep her father at bay, but she must also deal with another (unpleasant for her) reality: the "crazy stepbrother”By Meghan will be a probable competitor of the Australian Big Brother Vip. This name, not at all cute, was given to him after the man, in 2017, was arrested for pointing a gun at his girlfriend's head, a gesture that sent him into the spotlight.

Meghan and Thomas Jr Markle

According to Thomas Jr However, the fault would be all of Meghan therefore, despite the two half-brothers they haven't talked to each other for nearly ten years, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex suspect low blows from his participation in the most famous reality show in history. In short, Harry and Meghan now they have only scorched earth around them, both in English and American territory.

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Who is Roberta Capua? Age, husband, partner, career, children and private life

Who is Roberta Capua? Age, husband, partner, career, children and private life

And yes, as a child she dreamed of the toga, the tomes to study and a career as a lawyer «like my father. He was my point of reference, so much so that I wanted to follow in his footsteps ». Then, however, an evening at a disco in the mountains, in Ortisei, so far from his Naples and from the high school life he had led up to that moment, suddenly changed Roberta Capua's horizons.

«I was 17, I was on vacation and I made the Miss Italia selections for fun. I reached the final almost without realizing what was happening to me, the same amazement when I won the crown. It was 1986. The following year I finished second in Miss Universe. But can you believe that I've never seen myself particularly beautiful? I have always accepted my body, too long and very slender, and my face, aware that beauty is a gift, but it is not a merit that you have won with commitment and effort.

Living on appearance alone is not for me, therefore, as soon as I could, I left my modeling career and took the opportunity to make TV. I could talk, express myself, show emotions. Let's try, let's see how it goes, I said ».

It went well: about thirty years have passed since the first program. Now Roberta is the afternoon queen of Raiuno, paired with Gianluca Semprini, at Summer Live. “There is a good mix between us. He is more linked to information and current events, I to costume and entertainment: this harmony shines through and is giving us an excellent response from the public, "she says proudly. "I was missing on Raiuno for 14 years, for me this program is as welcome as it is unexpected: it has revolutionized holidays and the hottest season of the year. But in my life it has always been that suddenly something happens that upsets my plans and projects me elsewhere.

In work, but also in love ». Overcoming the proverbial confidentiality, she says: "I met my husband Stefano fifteen years ago and, after three months, I changed my city and my life," she explains while parading with a series of one-piece swimsuits and kimonos, cool garments of the season. He joins her and they pose for us for a photo together, which rarely happens. "The last images were those of the wedding, ten years ago," he says smiling and continues: "He introduced us to a mutual friend, a sort of combo, those things that usually lead nowhere.

We were both single. He calmer, I rather disenchanted and not at all in search of great love. I was quite disappointed with previous relationships, so I wanted to focus
about myself and my career. However, this man with direct, straightforward ways, without frills, a little closed, but with a strong sense of irony, struck me. It took a weekend at the beach, in Sardinia, and a kiss stolen in the hotel parking lot before saying goodbye to understand that my life was changing.

We met in May, I left Rome in September to go and live with him in Bologna, and in June of the following year I was pregnant with Leonardo, who is now 13 years old ". For him, for the family, you gave up your job … «I slowed down and then I said some no, but I didn't regret it. Leonardo was born when I was 39 and had already been in the media blender for a long time. I was able to choose to stop, to be with my son and watch him grow up. It was a privilege that I faced with awareness and courage: I was ready to reinvent myself if necessary ».

Roberta is frank when she confides: «Alongside my men I have changed, I have become a better woman, more balanced, capable of giving the right weight to things and setting priorities well. Before I was more cynical in the vision of life, very linked to work and projected towards a career. I'm wiser now and family is everything. I would have liked to have another child, maybe another boy, but he hasn't arrived, so we stopped and that's okay ».

Roberta stretches her legs with innate elegance and looks at you with that warm, Neapolitan look that makes her fascinating. "At twenty I looked at myself in the mirror in a distracted way, today if I stop I notice that I am fine with myself, that I like myself more than then, even if after the age of 50 the metabolism changes and forces you to be careful about it you eat and your face reflects more what you are and what you feel. I am able to accept the passing of time, I do not fight it, on the contrary I face it with gentleness ».

Are Stefano and Leonardo jealous? “Not so much, in the right way. We are very united, we do not need anything else besides the three of us to feel good ». And he confides: «One of the strongest bonds between Stefano and me is that we laugh a lot, it still happens today, after fifteen years. We are not romantics, we do not like fuss, but we know that our strength lies in being each other's support, with respect and lightness, always grateful for everything that life has given us. Now that our son has grown up he has entered the monster way of joking and taking life with a smile. I take it even more now that I work all week and, when I join them at the weekend, I feel complete and satisfied ». A queen of hearts.

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who is Umberto Maria Anzolin

who is Umberto Maria Anzolin

Umberto Maria Anzolin who is the husband of the famous showgirl Heather Parisi, and at the center of controversy for unpaid debts. Let's get to know him better.

Umberto Maria Anzolin is the husband of Heather Parisi, always very present on the social networks of the showgirl and also at the center of some controversy.

The two moved to the Chinese capital, where they live with their two youngest children, Elizabeth and Dylan, two twins born in 2010, conceived Heather Parisi was fifty years old. The showgirl has two other daughters, Rebecca Jewel Manenti , born from previous relationships. Jacqueline Luna Di Giacomo, born from the love story with the orthopedist Giovanni Di Giacomo. The girl does not have a good relationship with her mother and accuses her of never talking about her or her older sister Rebecca Manenti, born from the first marriage with Giorgio Manenti.

In 2013, Parisi married her third partner, Umberto Maria Anzolin, since the couple moved to Hong Kong. the audience raised a lot of controversy because this removal from Italy would be linked to the non-payment of some of her husband's debts. The figure would amount to several million euros. The judiciary has also intervened on the case, but Heather Parisi has always strongly defended her current partner. In fact, according to the woman, the decision to move was not linked to any judicial proceedings, but only to manage the new Chinese headquarters of the Anzolin company.

The legal problems of Umberto Maria Azzolin

For some time, in fact, Umberto was at the center of polioemics that accused him of having fled to China because the tannery he owned in Italy, a company which produces leathers and processes them, had gone bankrupt. Therefore the man, according to rumors, would have fled the countries because covered with outstanding debts.

This missing money should have gone to former workers of that same tannery, in the form of a salary, while it would have instead been spent on the family of Anzolin.

Heather Parisi just arrived in the Chinese capital had declared that for some time they had been planning to move because her husband had intended to relocate his business to that part of the world, developing his import-export company. Heather declares that she never hid her willingness to leave, but didn't even make it so public. In January 2011, she and her family moved to begin "yet another important chapter of a wonderful life".

Today the couple seems happier than ever and Umberto Maria Anzolin appears often on the Instagram profile by Heather Parisi together with the two twins. In 2018 the showgirl moved back to the Italian peninsula with the children to take part as judge at the Amici di Maria de FIlippi program, often ending up at the center of heated controversy.

Here is the whole family in a photo posted by Heater:

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