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Giulia Salemi at dinner with the "in-laws"

Giulia Salemi at dinner with the "in-laws"

Weekend dedicated to relaxation and family for Giulia Salemi And Pierpaolo Pretelli: after having attended the Giffoni Film Festival (we told you about it here) the couple headed to Maratea, in Basilicata, where Pierpaolo was born.

A few days ago the two young people had gone to Piacenza, where the former gieffino re-embraced his "mother-in-law" Fariba Teherani and he met Giulia's grandmother: during the weekend just ended it was Giulia who spent time with her boyfriend's parents and made the acquaintance of grandfather Rocco.

Pierpaolo then organized a "tour" for Giulia of the symbolic locations of the place, and also showed her some places that are particularly dear to him: from the house of Cesare Cremonini, where the singer wrote "I would like”, At the beach where Pierpaolo was a lifeguard as a young man. "Her girlfriends told me she was killing hearts"Revealed the influencer on Instagram to his followers, while Pierpaolo denied it decisively (without, however, convincing Giulia too much.

Giulia and Pierpaolo, smiling and happy, during dinner.

In the evening a family dinner with Pierpaolo's parents: the evening – which was also attended by the model's ex-partner Ariadna Romero – was spent in joy, as shown by the images shared by "Prelemes"On social media.

Messrs. Pretelli at dinner with Giulia, Pierpaolo and Ariadna Romero.
Giulia and Ariadna together with Mr. Pretelli.

"And after the Piacenza weekend Salemi's family, we ended in style with the weekend Marateota Pretelli's family"Wrote the Italian-Persian influencer in the Instagram stories accompanying a shot in which she is portrayed together with Pierpaolo and among the Pretellis. "Presentations without a glass room I would say are officially over"Giulia then joked making an ironic reference to the adventure to GF Vip, where she and her boyfriend met and fell in love.

The presenter of Salemi lounge she then concluded by thanking the locals for the affection they reserved for her and Pierpaolo, and anticipated that she will return to Maratea shortly:

"Thanks to all the people we have met in these days for all the love you have shown me and Pier. Marateoti are exquisite and super welcoming people. See you in August".

(Photo via Instagram, @giuliasalemi)

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Giulia Salemi at the Giffoni Film Festival: "Real life is not the perfect social life"

Giulia Salemi at the Giffoni Film Festival: "Real life is not the perfect social life"

"The world? It's not just the glossy one of social media. There is a lot of fiction, I assure you. We often feel surrounded by amazing people, with amazing bodies, amazing cars, fabulous lives. Because it is common to sell this idea of ​​perfection. I'm not like that and that's why I never hide my moments of crisis, I always try to be true". He states it Giulia Salemi, influencer and presenter, guest at the Giffoni Film Festival of the IMPACT! together with her boyfriend Pierpaolo Pretelli, showman and singer (his is the hit song The hottest summer).

Answering the questions of those present in the room, Giulia encouraged the children to have faith in themselves, to believe in their dreams and not to be discouraged in the face of difficulties:

"I too am anxious about the future. Every now and then I fall into a vortex of insecurity that is typical of a generation subjected to multiple stimuli. What to do in these cases? We must react. I do it by inventing formats, working on projects, investing in myself. And this is the most important thing"Said the beloved influencer.

To those who asked her what the "rules" of her work are, the influencer replied:

"There are no rules. Everyone has their hobbies, for example I enjoy singing, but it's not my way, it's Pierpaolo's. So far I have not experienced the world of cinema, some of my colleagues have, because many directors and productions fish from our world to convert tickets into visualizations. Haven't studied for this? – continues – I'm not critical. I know actors who have a gift and have not taken any courses, even if in life it is always important to study. Rather, I believe that everyone should have a chance".

Giulia and Pierpaolo al Giffoni Film Festival (Photo via Instagram, @giffoni_experience)

Author for Mondadori of the book “I have always preferred chocolate to men", Giulia admitted:"I confess, I've changed my mind", While her partner defined her"a cyclone that has engulfed my life".

If Pierpaolo is preparing to be part of the great team of As such, Giulia aims at experimentation in all fields:

"They often ask me what my relationship with fashion is. I have no presumption of influencing anyone. Of course I follow it, but staying true to my tastes. I believe it is essential to keep our identity".

A principle, underlines Pierpaolo, also indispensable for safeguarding a couple relationship:

“Complicity is the basis, but it is equally important to always safeguard one's identity. We are united, but remaining single. And then you have to have the courage to always be honest, because it is only with comparison that you improve. Entering into competition does not lead to anything good, but only to an endless battle".

A valuable lesson for all the young people present at the talk.

(Source Giffoni Film Festival, Featured photo: Giulia Salemi on the talk stage, Via Instagram, @giffoni_experience)

Giulia Salemi (Photo Via Instagram, @giffoni_experience)

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Who is Giulia Sara Salemi, the TikTok star girlfriend of Er Gennaro

Who is Giulia Sara Salemi, the TikTok star girlfriend of Er Gennaro

Actress, singer, dancer, writer. So says his biography on Instagram. She is Giulia Sara Salemi and her name is certainly not new on the net. She has come a long way since she landed on TikTok, reaching great goals, but the dream she had as a child is always there: ready to be realized.

Giulia in the role of "Julie". Source: Instagram

Who is Giulia Sara Salemi

Born in Milan on December 15, 2003, Giulia Sara Salemi is one of the tiktoker of the Stardust House. We know little about her life, being a rather reserved girl, but her passion for show business and acting are quite known. One of his biggest dreams is, in fact, that of become an established actress.

A passion, hers, which a few years ago also led her to attend the Belloni Theater in Milan. Many of you will remember her for playing “Julie Summers” in the TV series in 2017 Miracle Tunes aired on Boing, Cartoonito and Italia 1.

That was the beginning of a series of successes for the tiktoker. Giulia, in fact, had the opportunity to enter the world of music. Improvised pop artist, in 2020, she also demonstrated her own singing skills, releasing the first single titled "Wonderful Lies" in the company of Emily Shaquiri.

But a girl full of talents like Giulia Sara Salemi certainly couldn't miss the opportunity to write a book. So, a few months after the song was released, we also found it on the shelves of bookstores with "Warrior Smile. Warrior's Smile ”, written in collaboration with Debora Scalzom.

As you may have understood, Giulia is a girl who "makes one and thinks a hundred". Among his passions, there is no lack of dance, but also sports such as karate and kung fu.

The passion for dance and acting led Giulia to register on TikTok, where from the very beginning she managed to get noticed also for her own personality. Sympathetic, cheerful and irreverent, her videos have made their way into the hearts of millions of users.

Her ability with social media and the success achieved on the platform have allowed her to join one of the most famous influencer houses in Italy, the Stardust House, increasing her popularity more and more.

Giulia Sara Salemi and her boyfriend Er Gennaro. Source: Instagram

As we said, Giulia is a very reserved girl. However, if on the one hand he has never talked much about his childhood, he lives his private life peacefully on social media.

The influencer is engaged to another well-known tiktoker, Alessandro Scarpa aka Er Gennaro. Also a member of the Stardust House, the two are very close and on the net they usually publish photos and videos that portray them happily in love and moments of their everyday life.

Impressive numbers are those that the influencer can boast on the net. TikTok is the social network where Giulia Sara Salemi has been successful. Here are more than 3 million followers who do not miss a single video. But the girl also defends herself well on Instagram, which has over 711,000 followers.

Image credits: Instagram, Instagram, Instagram.

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