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Aurora Celli, on Instagram talks about farewell to Nicolò Bianchino and attacks the fans

Aurora Celli and Nicolò Bianchino

The story between Aurora Celli and Nicolò Bianchino it's officially over. The two confirmed the rumors that, for weeks, had been chasing each other insistently. Despite their announcement, however, the curiosity of the fans has not subsided and, for this reason, the influencer has decided to return to talk about their separation through stories on Instagram.

Despite the farewell, in fact, Aurora and Nicolò still hang out. The two ex-boyfriends continued dating the same group of friends. Sometimes, on social media, they have even appeared together. Circumstances that they made the fans suspicious, who hypothesized a staging in order to attract attention and increase the number of their followers. A hypothesis, said Celli, which is not reflected in reality.

Aurora Celli and Nicolò Bianchino: why they keep dating

The Celli, in fact, was keen to specify that, despite having left, the two decided to stay in good rapportthe. In fact, they have many friends in common and their families hang out regularly. Suffice it to say that Bianchino is one of Aurora's brother's best friends.

We broke up at the end of June, there were the last quarrels, the last discussions. Then we reasoned, we both came to meet each other and we realized that it was useless to leave each other in bad relationships also out of respect for our relationship, for the love that has existed between us and out of respect for our families.

Aurora Celli and Nicolò Bianchino
Aurora Celli's words on Instagram about farewell to Nicolò Bianchino.

Aurora and Nicolò: the reasons for farewell

The affection remains, but the problems between the two had become insuperable. Quarrels and arguments have severely tested their love, to which they decided to put a final point. At the base of the decision to leave mistakes that the two have not been able to forgive each other. Celli, before starting new gossip, however, specified that it was not a question of betrayal or lack of respect.

In short, the two make no secret that something was no longer working in their story. Of their love, affection remains who still feel for each other. The flashback, however, seems to be ruled out at the moment:

I don't know if one day fate will make us meet another time. Right now – confessed Aurora – I'm better and he's much better too.

Aurora's request to her fans

It was not lacking, in the long outburst of Aurora Celli, too an attack on fans who, for the entire duration of the love affair with Nicolò, have tried to influence their relationship. In recent months, in fact, some users had shot some screenshots of Bianchino's alleged conversations with other girls to the influencer.

For a whole year – accused Celli – you have been saying 'but when they break up', for a whole year you have always been doing things to ensure that we break up, always putting up chats and screens. Now we broke up, I hope some people are happy.

Now Aurora Celli asks for respect. To those who continue to record every live stream to look for evidence of a story still in progress, to those who contact their friends and family to get details on their sentimental situation, to those who secretly make videos of them and then post them on social media, ask to stop . For his part, he will no longer fall into the temptation to talk about his private life: an error, he said, that he has committed so far but will never repeat.

Aurora Celli
Aurora Celli on Instagram.

Image credits: Instagram, Instagram.

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the new sad gesture that unleashed the web and its fans

Chef Rubio Twitter blasphemy

The famous and often controversial Chef Rubio makes one of his own by posting an unpleasant tweet. This time, however, his fans also disagree.

Chef Rubio Twitter blasphemy

Chef Rubio, born Gabriele Rubini, former rugby player and famous conductor of DMAX, presented various cooking TV shows and not how Oily and greasy, The fan hunter, Rugby Social Club, The kings of the grill, The rich and the poor, It's a dirty job, but above all the now well known Truck drivers in a restaurant, broadcast on the NINE channel since 2018.

Chef Rubio is also famous for his frequent controversies and his sincere and direct comments (sometimes too much), which leave no way out for whoever is the unfortunate protagonist of his diatribe. We have already seen him under "accusation" after some comments against the journalist Wild Lucarelli, considered misogynistic and for which Amnesty International Italy has decided to block his collaboration. This is one of the many unpleasant events in which Chef Rubio found himself after a few words too many. His followers, however, have always loved and esteemed him for this too, appreciating the chef's sincere sincerity. Until a few days ago, precisely the July 9, when Chef Rubio decided to wake up and post an early morning tweet that sent him directly to the media pillory. The tweet, precisely a photo, portrays him with the turned hand in the foreground, showing the palm, on which the chef wrote a blasphemy. All this, accompanied by the description "Good morning # PremioStrega2021".

Numerous comments under the conductor's tweet, many from who has always supported it and that instead, now, he distanced himself from the gesture considered exaggerated and out of place. Among the comments we read "Excuse the frankness but you disappointed me. Even though I know you don't give a shit". Because maybe the audience of Chef Rubio knows him well and knows that he probably doesn't care about making a mistake, so much so that he writes another tweet in response to all the controversies:

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"You don't look like you anymore" Laura Chiatti has changed and worries her fans

Laura Chiatti

Laura Chiatti launches a new photo and the fans do not recognize it. Too different, but what's going on? Comments

Laura Chiatti
Laura Chiatti (Getty Images)

Laura Chiatti and the continuous and insistent rumors about the alleged crisis with Marco Bocci. For weeks now there have been rumors about the couple of actors together since 2013 and married only a year after their meeting for such a strong and overwhelming love. For them two children and a wonderful life.

According to the gossip she would be too jealous and he would have approached a colleague on the film set. Beyond the rumors, however, just a week ago, the beautiful Laura posted a photo with her husband and children. The family in spite of the gossip continues to remain united.

Today, however, following a photo published by the beautiful actress, her followers have grown quite a lot worry, many messages for her.

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Laura Chiatti lost weight, fans do not recognize her

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For the fans Laura Chiatti is no longer what it once was. For those who have always followed her, the beautiful actress from Federico Moccia's film "Ho vor idi te" is changed. Fans are worried about her because she is today too thin.

"Not to offend you because I've always liked you so much – writes a user – and for me you were among the most beautiful Italian actresses but so thin you look aged in a short time ". And to follow: "Too thin, I know you have had problems due to nutrition but you can also eat what you can good is to be more fleshy and not a criticism is that you are so beautiful but you don't look like you anymore" until who comes to ask her if it is sick.

Laura Chiatti is decidedly different but the effect is given by the important make-up and hair styling. Certainly the shot comes from a set, you understand for those who follow her that the actress is working on something, even if they still don't understand anything.

Of course, his legs appear thinner than usual but maybe it's a scenic effect or it can even be the character that requires it.

Laura Chiatti
Laura Chiatti (Getty Images)

For the moment Laura Chiatti is not responding but for sure this is not a good time for her, too many criticisms and annoying rumors against her.

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