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who is Umberto Maria Anzolin

who is Umberto Maria Anzolin

Umberto Maria Anzolin who is the husband of the famous showgirl Heather Parisi, and at the center of controversy for unpaid debts. Let's get to know him better.

Umberto Maria Anzolin is the husband of Heather Parisi, always very present on the social networks of the showgirl and also at the center of some controversy.

The two moved to the Chinese capital, where they live with their two youngest children, Elizabeth and Dylan, two twins born in 2010, conceived Heather Parisi was fifty years old. The showgirl has two other daughters, Rebecca Jewel Manenti , born from previous relationships. Jacqueline Luna Di Giacomo, born from the love story with the orthopedist Giovanni Di Giacomo. The girl does not have a good relationship with her mother and accuses her of never talking about her or her older sister Rebecca Manenti, born from the first marriage with Giorgio Manenti.

In 2013, Parisi married her third partner, Umberto Maria Anzolin, since the couple moved to Hong Kong. the audience raised a lot of controversy because this removal from Italy would be linked to the non-payment of some of her husband's debts. The figure would amount to several million euros. The judiciary has also intervened on the case, but Heather Parisi has always strongly defended her current partner. In fact, according to the woman, the decision to move was not linked to any judicial proceedings, but only to manage the new Chinese headquarters of the Anzolin company.

The legal problems of Umberto Maria Azzolin

For some time, in fact, Umberto was at the center of polioemics that accused him of having fled to China because the tannery he owned in Italy, a company which produces leathers and processes them, had gone bankrupt. Therefore the man, according to rumors, would have fled the countries because covered with outstanding debts.

This missing money should have gone to former workers of that same tannery, in the form of a salary, while it would have instead been spent on the family of Anzolin.

Heather Parisi just arrived in the Chinese capital had declared that for some time they had been planning to move because her husband had intended to relocate his business to that part of the world, developing his import-export company. Heather declares that she never hid her willingness to leave, but didn't even make it so public. In January 2011, she and her family moved to begin "yet another important chapter of a wonderful life".

Today the couple seems happier than ever and Umberto Maria Anzolin appears often on the Instagram profile by Heather Parisi together with the two twins. In 2018 the showgirl moved back to the Italian peninsula with the children to take part as judge at the Amici di Maria de FIlippi program, often ending up at the center of heated controversy.

Here is the whole family in a photo posted by Heater:

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Jena Malone with the Crocs on the red carpet

Shia LaBeouf, appointment with the model Ashley Moore

jena malone Jena Malone with Crocs on the red carpet

Photo: @ Instagram / Jena Malone

Red carpet yes, but it is more comfortable than ever … especially after more than a year and a half of restrictions.

Wednesday evening Jena Malone walked the red carpet at the premiere of Lorelei, his new film and for the occasion he decided to surprise those present with a decidedly unusual detail.

It is a pair of red Crocs, the now iconic rubber clogs so loved all over the world and even appreciated by the unexpected Kate Middleton and Helen Mirren. Jena decided to hide them under her black dress A.L.C., but did not hesitate to show them in front of photographers.

The reason for this little header was explained by the 36-year-old herself on Instagram.

“I don't know why, but this photo makes me happy. I hurt my little finger in front of the red carpet and could barely walk on it. So I made a quick change of direction in terms of style. And I think it paid off. Hahaha. "


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Does Addison Rae have a new boyfriend? The truth about kissing on Instagram!

Addison Rae a few hours ago he published an Instagram Stories that stirred his 38.5 million followers. In the short video published, we see on a wall only the shadow of "Addison" (then you will understand why we are using these quotes, they are just a precaution!) Hugging and kissing a boy passionately. Let's try to clarify!

But are we sure it's really her? The fact that the video ended up on his profile does not necessarily correspond to the fact that the girl we see inside is actually the tiktoker. And in fact, the most attentive, in this sense, certainly did not miss an important detail! The clip that tiktoker published on Stories (which has the famous 80's song as its soundtrack Bette Davis Eyes from Kim Carnes) is in fact actually also present on Pinterest, although we do not know if it was uploaded before or after on the social platform. The protagonist of the clip, in short, it could be Addison, but we don't have enough elements to say that she is 100%. There is also a but!

A few minutes after the video was published, the guitarist Omer Fedi he reposted the clip on his Instagram profile. And here other perspectives open up. Yes, because the gossip about the possible couple made up of Addison Rae and Omer Fedi have been chasing each other online for a month now. The two had been pinched together at a concert by Machine Gun Kelly last June 19th. Fedi, among other things, is the guitarist of the singer of I Think I'm Ok. Another suspicious detail is the fact that today Addison was wearing a hat that coincides (apparently) with the mysterious shadow.

So, to recap: even if Addison wasn't the girl in the offending video, there is certainly something boiling in the pot. And that she and Omer, at least for the moment, seem to want to keep us hidden. For now we just have to wait for all the confirmations (or denials) of the case.

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