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from Veronica Ferraro to Elisa Maino

Veronica Ferraro

Italy, Greece, Spain and many other wonderful places: the influencers most loved by Italian users (and not only) have decided to share with their followers some moments of your holidays, showing photographs and videos that make you want to immediately pack your bags and leave. And the destinations they have chosen are all truly beautiful.

After months of restrictions and difficulties related to the health emergency, many influencers, just like everyone, have decided to enjoy some freedom and to return to travel, while respecting all the rules to limit the infection. Thus, some took a flight to spend a few days abroad, while others preferred to visit the beauties of our country.

Summer 2021: the influencers who have chosen Italy

This is the case of Elisa Maino and Diego Lazzari, who have chosen to relax at the spa, precisely in Valle d'Aosta. The two, in recent months, however, had also been at Canary Islands, in Fuerteventura, combining business with pleasure. It is there that the former member of Q4 shot the video of his new song, 'There will be tomorrow', released in recent days and which is achieving great success.

Chiara Facchetti and Paola Turani, who is preparing to welcome her first child, they chose Puglia. The same destination also for Veronica Ferraro, who will spend a few days there with her friend Chiara Ferragni, Fedez and other friends. In recent months the two super influencers had also been in Greece.

Veronica Ferraro
Veronica Ferraro on Instagram. Direction of Puglia together with Chiara Ferragni.

Sicily, on the other hand, was chosen by Emily Pallini, who after having completed her high school diploma felt the need for a few days of relaxation and fun with friends. For her, however, also a mishap: during a day at the sea, carried offshore by the current, she risked drowning. Same destination for Adriana Spink, who visited the Aeolian Islands.

Influencers and holidays: those who have chosen foreign destinations

If many influencers have chosen Italy, there is no lack of those who have decided to visit other countries. Andrea Bondelli, immediately after his high school exam, flew to Spain with a friend. Valeria Vedovatti, on the other hand, spent a few days dedicated to romanticism in Paris with her boyfriend Jody Cecchetto, with a stop at Disneyland Paris, just like Marta Losito and Gianmarco Rottaro.

Valeria Vedovatti
Valeria Vedovatti and Jody Cecchetto: the romantic shot in Paris drives fans on Instagram crazy.

There Greece was the choice of Ludovica Olgiati, Luciano Spinelli, Rosalba, Sespo, Tancredi Galli and his girlfriend Martina Pompeiano. The beauty influencer Giulia Sinesi, on the other hand, opted for a fairytale holiday in Sharm el-Sheik. The content posted by the wonderful places he is visiting are making his followers dream.

In short, there are many places that Emily Pallini, Elisa Maino, Veronica Ferraro and their colleagues have made us experience with them through the contents they have published on social networks. Summer 2021, however, it is not over yet: where will they take us again?

Veronica Ferraro Instagram
Veronica Ferraro in a stage in Cannes: the gorgeous look on Instagram.

Image credits: Instagram, Instagram, Instagram.

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Elisa Maino, the dedication to Diego Lazzari is a true declaration of love

Elisa Maino, the dedication to Diego Lazzari is a true declaration of love

Since they got back together, Elisa Maino and Diego Lazzari do not stop making fans dream. Their love is getting bigger and the couple more and more close-knit.

A few months ago we had seen them in Fuerteventura in the company of Lele Giaccari and his girlfriend Aurora, the youtuber Sheffo and Natasha Manvilova. It was initially thought that the group of influencers had decided to spend a holiday on the beautiful Canary island, but something much bigger was boiling in the pot.

The trip, as Lazzari himself later specified, was for construction reasons and today, we finally know more.

As he announced a few days ago, with a post on Instagram in which he told how he had found the courage to follow his own path, this night the new single by Diego Lazzari was officially released – There will be tomorrow – whose video clip, which sees the same influencers as protagonists, was shot in Fuerteventura.

Last night the tiktoker met with Elisa Maino and some friends in a Roman club, to celebrate this new journey in music together. In the last few hours, there have been numerous posts and congratulatory stories from colleagues, but the sweetest is undoubtedly that of Maino.

Elisa Maino has recently shared a photo on Instagram, with a dedication that is a real declaration of love. Beautiful, indeed beautiful, embraced on the bed, while Diego gives Elisa a tender kiss on the cheek.

A shot that makes you dream and excite just looking at it, accompanied by a simple but effective phrase, which has already made the couple's fans go crazy: Always by your side.

Their happiness, as well as their love, is irrepressible and even if the confirmation has not yet arrived from the two creators, it does not matter, it is clear that they are more in love than before.

Since 2019, in which they made their relationship public, their sentiment has been around the web. The breakup of "Dieghisa", in 2020, shocked the followers. But we all knew (probably even them) that sooner or later they would be back together. As some users wrote under Elisa's post, "You always go back to where you were good".

Image credits: Instagram.

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Elisa maino and Diego Lazzari more and more in love, on Instagram they make you dream

Elisa maino and Diego Lazzari more and more in love, on Instagram they make you dream

Elisa Maino and Diego Lazzari. Source: IG Stories

There are those who do not believe in backfires and those who, on the other hand, are willing to give a second chance. Elisa Maino is Diego Lazzari I am proof of that. There couple, which made millions of fans dream, is back together and is shown on their respective social profiles more and more in love.

The two, in the past few hours, have published some photos in the IG Stories in which they appear smiling and accomplices, officially confirming that love has never passed. Hand in hand in the car and hugging each other in the elevator they shout their happiness to the world.

The love story between Elisa and Diego

The two TikTok stars started dating in 2019 by making the relationship public through social media. After a first moment of great romance, regularly told through videos and photos, the end was announced in 2020.

The two they never lost sight of each other declaring that they remained friends until La Maino presented the new boyfriend Elias Zanoni. Also in this case the official status was given with a video posted on YouTube. The relationship between Elisa and Elias was, however, a flash in the pan waned in a very short time.

The influencer never gave any explanations regarding this break, but immediately after leaving Zanoni it was paparazzi in Rome with Diego. The followers have thus begun to hope for a return of the flame.

Elisa Maino and Diego Lazzari ever closer

From that first paparazzata, others followed in addition to numerous clues published on social networks by the protagonists themselves. The guys they were together in Fuerteventura for work reasons and during the trip to the Canary Islands they posted several images that left no doubts about a possible rapprochement, then a video arrived on TikTok in which Diego hugs and kisses Elisa.



Venom x My ordinary life – icarly without the 🚗

Neither of the two has so far officially revealed the relationship and Elisa had said some time ago:

I don't tell you if I have a boyfriend! Simply because every time I say it on social media then it brought me bad luck and I broke up immediately afterwards.

The latest images published in the IG Stories now speak for themselves and convey the immense joy of a rediscovered love that is now lived with a different awareness and more maturity. It's really true "Some loves do not end, they make huge turns and then come back".

Image credits: Instagram.

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