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Nunzia De Girolamo, charming and tanned: ex minister sets everyone on fire.

Nunzia De Girolamo

The former politician published a shot in its prime. Charming and super tanned is a joy for the beholder!

Nunzia De Girolamo
Former minister Nunzia De Girolamo – Instagram

Nunzia De Girolamo she is spending a summer full of rest at the end of a season full of satisfaction for her.

In fact, from the world of politics she looked out to that of TV where she found fertile ground for her talent. Excellent dialectic and empathy with the public who immediately appreciated it when running "Hello Male" aired in the late evening on Rai Due, every Saturday evening.

The broadcast was very popular, going beyond expectations and this has led it to be a staple for the many fans of the host who have not missed an episode of the talk show.

The protagonists who alternated in the various episodes were three men from the world of politics and TV who confronted each other and opened up, in some aspects that the public did not know.

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Nunzia De Girolamo, smiling and charming

The beautiful Nunzia, wife of Francesco Boccia he is on holiday in Puglia where he doesn't waste time to devote himself to his many fans who await every day a post in which he shines with his proverbial beauty.

Tonight she wears a long low-cut dress with a floral pattern that recalls the colors of pastel pink and gives a maxim to her followers:

"There is only one password, increasingly fleeting in our time: listen. Listen to others and not just yourself, listen to learn or simply reflect. Listening is one of the greatest gestures of altruism we can do. Happy Saturday friends, I'm in Puglia ”.

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De Girolamo IG
Former minister De Girolamo Nunzia (IG Stories @ nunzia.degirolamo)

Needless to say, right away users went wild with likes and comments to show their affection for him.

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Giorgia Palmas sad for Sardinia, Concita De Gregorio worried about tourists

Giorgia Palmas sad for Sardinia, Concita De Gregorio worried about tourists

You know, the medal always has two sides, even in this case: on the one hand the sadness of Giorgia Palmas for Sardinia that burns, on the other hand there is Concita De Gregorio who thinks of tourists.

The controversy has broken out, instead of giving solidarity and help, De Gregorio inquires whether or not there are dangers for tourists.

Giorgia Palmas gives in to sadness: the damage that has been done in Sardinia it's huge and it will take 15 years to recover.

Giorgia Palmas sad for Sardinia

We have seen all the images: the province of Oristano burns, thirty thousand hectares, one of the most devastating fires in Sardinia.

In a post on Instagram Giorgia Palmas he writes: «The truth is that it is really difficult to comment on what is happening in my beloved Earth. It hurts, it always hurts too much to read about hectares and hectares of Mediterranean scrub, even centuries old, lost forever. Our soul trembles thinking of those who have and are losing everything, our heart cries to know of so many animals that have died in the flames … I I have a broken heart".

He also adds: «We would all like to embrace those shepherd dogs who have tried to defend their flocks at the expense of their lives. It would be nice to all be like them: faithful to our Mother Earth, honest to the end and courageous … "

And you will say, there is, it is her land, it is normal that she is sorry.

But the coin has two sides as we said.

Giorgia Palmas vs Concita De Gregorio worried about tourists

Giorgia Palmas says "If anyone knows who is to blame, speak and ask our government in addition to concrete help for these areas so terribly tormented by the ignorance of a few especially VERY SEVERE PENALTIES to those who cause hells like this », a more than just request.

A voice rises from the bottom: "There is a real danger for tourists who are they or are preparing to go on holiday in Sardinia? ”, this is Concita De Gregorio presenter of “In Onda”, on La7.

That is, in a moment like this his first thought is the tourists.

Alessandra Zedda, vice president of the Sardinian Region, replied: “This is an example of how this can be done offend an entire people. Not only do tourists not risk, but thanks to the efficiency of the organization of the Region they have not risked their own safety, as Curcio himself has publicly acknowledged, not even the Sardinians, of which, however, the journalist is not at all worried ".

The president of Anci Sardegna, Emiliano Deiana she commented: "Maybe someone can tell you that there are some stable form of civilization here too, in addition to holidays, soaking terga, yachts and discos ”.

There are really no words: the first thought of non-Sardinians is tourism, not those who live there on the island.

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Stefano De Martino, very sweet words for his son Santiago

Screenshot Stefano and Santiago De Martino

Stefano De Martino, very sweet words for his son Santiago. A hymn to love and the desire to shout it to the world

For ten days she has been the met queen of Gossip. Magazines, sites and social networks do nothing but talk about her and the newborn, attaching more or less spontaneous photos that portray them in a thousand different situations. Belen Rodriguez And Luna Marì they keep the scene and do not leave it even for a moment. The resumption of work of the most famous new mother in Italy was also accompanied with great fanfare by photos and comments.

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The most followed family of this period includes, in addition to mother Belen and little Luna Marì, also the father of the newborn girl, Stefano Spinalbese and the first son of the Argentine showgirl, Santiago. The child is now 8 years old and was born from the marriage of Belen Rodriguez with Stefano De Martino. In these days where her mother is at the center of media attention along with her little sister, she may have missed her father.

And his father made himself heard, through a beautiful letter published by Vanity Fair. In this letter Stefano De Martino talks about love. Of the father's love for his son and starts from his experience with his father. A father, writes Belen's ex-husband, who has always loved him very much but who told him for the first time when Stefano was 19.

Stefano De Martino and the letter to Santiago

Screenshot Stefano and Santiago De Martino
Screenshot Stefano and Santiago De Martino

He doesn't want to make that same mistake. The very deep love she feels for her son Santiago must be "confessed" every day, every day there must be a confirmation of that feeling. “I caress your head, I hug you, I tell you I love you, every day” and confessing it every day to his son Santiago, he no longer has problems confessing it, every day, even to his father.

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This letter from Stefano De Martino is a hymn to love and to the exhortation to shout it out loud to the people you love. Do not keep it for yourself, hidden within yourself but confess it every time the opportunity arises. It is something that makes those who cry out to love his love feel good and those who receive those words of love feel good, like the day Stefano listened to the words of his father who confessed to him that he loved him deeply. An unforgettable day and emotion.

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