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the touch of class is the mustard jacket

Leonardo Maini Barbieri

Leonardo Maini Barbieri has made style and good taste its vocation. The undisputed star of Tik Tok, the influencer has also landed on the small screen: the young scion was in fact a guest of Barbara D’Urso, bringing her elegance and innate class to TV too.

The presenter, after having invited the influencer to the studios of Afternoon Five, he decided to put it to the test. For a whole week, Leonardo Maini Barbieri will have to show how chic you can be too wearing low cost clothes. The tiktoker certainly did not hold back and willingly accepted the challenge of the beloved presenter. And so after the first look in pink and the second set with a classic black and white combination, for the third outfit she chose a particular color:

The third look is a bit eccentric. Let's start with the pants, they are the classic elegant blacks, to which I combined a mustard-colored coat.

The highlight of the outfit proposed by the influcer is definitely the jacket, which gives a touch of joy to the look as a whole. Also this time Leonardo proposed low cost brands accessible to all. Obviously inevitable the foulard, now a distinctive element of the influencer:

I combined a multicolor scarf that I took on my last trip to Shanghai, but which can be replaced by one in cotton or polyester, with the edge in palette with the outerwear.

The style is there and it shows: once again Barbieri has not given up on luxury of silk, a fabric that he particularly loves, but has proposed solutions that are accessible even to those who cannot afford excessively expensive garments. And above all easily reproducible even for those who do not have the same wallet as the young aristocrat.

Also in this case Leonardo Maini Barbieri won the challenge with Barbara D’Urso. His is a very elegant outfit and he still doesn't miss a beat. After all, the most chic creator of Tik Tok never ceases to remind us that style and elegance are certainly not linked to money.

What will the nobleman propose in the coming days? All that remains is to follow him to discover the outfits to show to the presenter Barbara D’Urso.

Leonardo Maini Barbieri
Third look by Leonardo Maini Barbieri for Barbara D’Urso. Source: Instagram

Image credits: Instagram, Instagram.

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