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Chiara Nasti takes a break from social media: "I want to find myself"

Chiara Nasti

Beautiful, always cheerful and, above all, well known by web users, where in the past she indulged in some gaffe that brought her to the center of attention. Chiara Nasti probably experimented every aspect of social media fame: the affection of the fans, the hatred of the haters, the prying eyes of gossip fans and the constant pressure to always have to live up to it. And, now, he seems to have had enough.

With a long post on Instagram, which is a real rant, he announced that will take a break from social media. Just she, who works on social media and constantly shares details of her life, said enough. The decision came after a long reflection, many doubts and the fear of disappointing his most loyal fans.

What he is going through is probably not one of the happiest times of his life. She ended up in the gossip spotlight because of her love life. His stay on social media was not always easy either. Sometimes it ended up at the center of criticism, like when a writing containing errors was tattooed that triggered the irony of the web. And if in the past he has always responded with determination, proving to have armor this time it also showed its frailties.

I need to take a break from social media, I love those who have always supported me, but right now I want to dedicate some time to 'Chiara'. I had been thinking about it for a few weeks but I was afraid of being able to disappoint people who have always believed in me.

Chiara, like this, she claimed to have lost herself and to no longer be able to see what happens to her with the lightness that should characterize a 23-year-old girl. The constant judgment of the people has become too big a boulder for her to bear.

I want to find myself – finally concluded – in the most serene way possible.

Chiara Nasti
Chiara Nasti's post on Instagram: she takes a break from social media to find herself.

How long will he stay away from social media? Chiara Nasti, with her latest post, did not provide further details. What is evident, however, is that his it's not goodbye, but goodbye. Sooner or later he will return to keep his fans company, probably with greater awareness and maturity.

Chiara Nasti
Chiara Nasti on Instagram.

Image credits: Instagram, Instagram.

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"She has no time for waxing", Chiara Ferragni monkey version

Chiara Ferragni monkey version laughs fan video

Fedez and Chiara Ferragni shared a very funny video in which the well-known influencer seems to have had no time to go to the beautician to get a wax

Chiara Ferragni monkey version laughs fan video
Chiara Ferragni and Fedez (Instagram)

"Beyond the legs there is more", this is the caption to the video shared on the official Instagram profile of Fedez in which he is with his wife. Chiara Ferragni appears in the foreground but the detail that fans notice is certainly not her face. The hairy legs of the fashion blogger stand out. A monkey for the exaggerated amount of hair.

One user wrote: "She didn't have time for waxing" but in reality, going on with the clip, we see that behind her there is her husband. The offending legs are therefore those of rapper, very recognizable for the disproportionate amount of tattoos present.

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The video in which Chiara Ferragni needs a beautician

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The couple's followers burst out laughing for sure as evidenced by the many funny comments posted on the sidelines of video. There is also an authoritative one by the famous Turkish director in Italy Ferzan Ozpetek that puts so many smiley faces that laugh out loud.

Besides him there are far beyond the 3000 comments for fans of the most famous couple on the web e 3 million and 300 thousand hearts up Instagram. A global success for a video that amuses all followers of the Ferragnez.

In recent times Fedez is also enjoying great acclaim from the point of view of his artistic career given that the single "One thousand“, In which he sings together with Orietta Berti And Achille Lauro, is first in the charts of the most listened to songs for weeks.

Chiara Ferragni monkey version laughs fan video
Chiara Ferragni and Fedez (Instagram)

The important awards received during the career of rapper and also those obtained by his wife Clear have never mounted the heads of the two lovers, who have always remained very humble and close to their following of fans scattered throughout Italy and not only.

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Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, holidays in Puglia: here are the stages of their journey

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, holidays in Puglia: here are the stages of their journey

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez on the jet ski (Photo Via Instagram, @chiaraferragni)

Chiara Ferragni And Fedez together with some friends they are spending a few days of vacation in Puglia. The queen of influencers has never hidden her love and passion for this region and also in 2020 with her husband she was the protagonist of a long tour in Salento, between pizzica and focaccia lessons, discovering the cultural and traditional treasures of Salento.

In recent weeks the couple had spent several weekends in Tuscany and also on Lake Como with the children: now instead i Ferragnez they allowed themselves a little relaxation with their friends, while their grandmother was in Milan Marina Di Guardo shares shots with the grandchildren, Lion And Victory, who has just turned 4 months old.

A glimpse of the splendid location where the Ferragnez stay together with their group of friends (Photo Via Instagram, @chiaraferragni)

The group has landed in Bari and is currently staying in one of the most luxurious farms in the Brindisi area, in the Savelletri di Fasano area. The days pass by the sea, dips in the swimming pool, funny Fedez curtains, golf games and dinners under the stars. Among the stages of the group's itinerary there are also several cities, from Ostuni to Fasano, from Polignano a Mare to Monopoli.

Dinner among the trees and under the stars for the Ferragnez and the rest of the group (Photo Via Instagram, @chiaraferragni)

The controversy over the use of private jets

Chiara Ferragni's holiday began with a small social controversy due to the means used to reach Puglia. The influencer has in fact chosen to travel with Fedez and his friends aboard a private jet. After Chiara shared the photos of the trip, some users criticized the choice on Twitter:

"You could also have saved yourself a private plane for a domestic flight. We are in the midst of a climate crisis and it is people like you who are doing the greatest damage by showing off your dream life on social media","In 2021 it is no longer acceptable to take a private jet to go to Puglia, in Puglia, but do you realize the climate impact of such a choice? I am thrilled”On the law in the comments.

However, many internet users defended the influencer:

"With the Ferragni question you have all become environmentalists, my God. Morals and morals and I guess you never use the car, never the means if not necessary, always bikes, no waste of food, water, all organic, no fast fashion, etc. etc. Come on like bravini ", "If I had Ferragni's money, I would also go to the bathroom on a private jet. Gnaw even less, come on! "

Chiara Ferragni replied to the controversy with a short clip posted on Instagram, in which she raises her eyes and comments in a caption: "I who open twitter".

(Featured photo: Chiara Ferragni and Fedez in the suggestive location where they are spending these days, Via Instagram, @chiaraferragni)

Chiara Ferragni on the private jet aboard which she flew with Fedez and friends to reach Puglia (Photo Via Instagram, @chiaraferragni)

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