Who is Francesca Pepe: Biography, Age, Instagram, Big Brother VIP

Who is Francesca Pepe: Biography, Age, Instagram, Big Brother VIP

  • First name: Francesca Pepe
  • Art Name: Franceska Pepe
  • Date of birth: 1996
  • Age: 24 years
  • Zodiac sign: Information not available
  • Profession: Influencer and model
  • Birth place: Sarzana
  • Height: 172 Cm
  • Weight: 62 Kg
  • Tattoos: Franceska has no visible tattoos on her body
  • Official Instagram profile: @franceskapepe
  • Official site: franceskapepe.it

Francesca Pepe was born on May 21, 1991, under the zodiac sign of Taurus, in Sarzana in La Spezia. 172 cm tall, weighs 62 kilos and her measurements are 89-62-92. Follows the football and is a fan of the Milan. To keep fit, he trains many hours a day. His favorite part of his body is his eyes. His lucky charm is a teddy bear. Today he lives in Milan. Francesca Pepe was born in Sarzana in Liguria and currently works as both a model and an Instagram influencer. His physique does not go unnoticed so much that in 2016 she won the title of Miss Europe. Thanks to the victory of the competition but above all thanks to her splendid physical skills in 2016, the young woman poses in very hot and sexy photos for the Italian version magazine Playboy.

The story with Vittorio Sgarbi

Currently Francesca Pepe is single and has no relationships, but among the things that are remembered about her is that of having had an affair with the art critic and current member of parliament Vittorio Sgarbi. It was Sgarbi himself who talked about it in 2017, when in a short interview with Vanity Fair he told about the flirtation with the girl, 40 years younger than him: “I have never asked myself the problem of the personal difference. Francesca is also too old for me: she is a wise, mature and responsible woman. I feel like eighteen in my head ”. And he then added: "Coexistence is a hypothesis that we will evaluate in the future". Despite these premises, the relationship ended shortly thereafter.

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Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, Romanesque selfie on IG

Shia LaBeouf, appointment with the model Ashley Moore

shawn mendes Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, Romanesque selfie on IG

Photo: @ Instagram / Shawn Mendes

Romantic selfie for Shawn Mendes is Camila Cabello who never stop showing themselves to fans who are close and in love.

The shot was shared in the past few hours by the star of "Stitches”Who showed himself with wet hair under some palm trees, while his girlfriend is intent on stamping a kiss on his cheek.

In recent days, Shawn told of his quarantine with Camila during a live chat for Apple Music.

"The ongoing pandemic, isolation and quarantine were terrifying and very harsh, but something really beautiful came out of it for me. Standing still "

"I went to live in Miami with Camila, her parents and her sister and during the first week I was in a panic because I had no intention of working on the album. Then when I started thinking about how good it is to be in the same place every night, go see a movie, make dinner with the family and do the laundry. I know it sounds a bit silly, but when you've been around the world since you were 15, like, I don't remember the last time I smelled the laundry. It smells good. It's a really calming smell. "

"This standing still brought to the surface a lot of anxiety that I had to work on and on the other hand it was a period of great reflection in which I could say: 'Oh, this is what I did. It's crazy. This is what I can do. This is art. This is bigger than me. 'It was the first time I had the opportunity to think of someone more than myself. It was the first time I had enough space in my heart and head because it wasn't consumed by all those people who cared about what I was doing. "

“This was the best gift. I think I've never, ever received anything like this in my entire life. "


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6 Instagram profiles to follow for Digital Marketing

federica-mutti instagram profiles to follow for digital marketing

Hi! I have selected for you 6 Instagram profiles to follow for Digital Marketing.

Here is the selected profiles, I don't waste your time.

Further on 👇 you can read the criteria with which they were chosen and any updates to this personal collection of IG profiles for web marketing and digital communication.

Profile selection updated in November 2020

Do you want to apply to be part of the top 6 IG profiles to follow?
Propose your IG profile! Write me on hello@facilewebmarketing.com

Federica Mutti

federica-mutti instagram profiles to follow for digital marketing

Federica Mutti is a young content creator who talks about digital, growth, work and conscious happiness on her Instagram profile. He is always on the cutting edge of current trends and explains topics related to digital marketing in a simple way. To understand the basics of the digital world, you can safely go through its feed.

Marketing Sniper

marketing-sniper instagram profiles to follow for digital marketing

Marketing Sniper is a profile that collects the best news and the latest news coming from the digital world. If you want to stay up to date, Marketing Sniper is definitely the profile to follow. How does it differentiate itself from others? Offers a point of view which is different from the usual digital marketing profile. The experiment of testing the "sociality" of Italian universities with UNICUP (to be discovered on the @marketingsniper profile) is something to keep an eye on.

Elisa Riva

elisa-riva instagram profiles to follow for digital marketing

Elisa Riva is the digital marketer behind the IG profile @toocontent_ . A “minimal” profile with essential lines. But with great value in content. From the care of her posts, feeds and stories, you can perceive the commitment and passion that Elisa transmits to her community: digital marketing pills that are good for everyone.

Manabe Repici

manabe repici instagram profiles to follow for digital marketing

Manabe Repici is a great expert in social video and mobile video marketing. I discovered his YouTube channel by accident. But it was like taking a truck full in the face. Its flagship format is Entrepreneurs in Video. That is 1 hour of chat with high-level experts (important people, take a ride on his YT channel). He recently started on Instagram and his goal is to grow mainly with stories. To be kept under observation!

Omar Bragantini

omar-bragantini instagram profiles to follow for digital marketing

Omar Bragantini is a "big shot" of Dario Vignali's Marketers. And not just because he has two biceps the size of a house! I have been following his Instagram profile for a long time but, maybe because the team is in the process of launching the new Business Genetics course, lately it is intensifying its contents at a very high rate of value.

Elisabetta marangoni

elisabetta-marangoni instagram profiles to follow for digital marketing

Elisabetta Marangoni does not deal with digital marketing! In his Instagram profile he does not talk about social networks, the web, the growth of followers, etc. She sells houses on Instagram. And that's why his IG profile drives me crazy. He is one of the few people who has truly managed to overturn an offline business in the digital world. With concrete results. Follow his style and strategy, simple but effective!

Why do I recommend these Instagram profiles for digital marketing?

I avoid you DESPERATE SEARCHES on the explore section of Instagram!

From today you have a REAL ranking of the best digital marketing experts and professionals who use Instagram to great effect.

I'll save you a lot of FUFFA on marketing

I thought this column on Instagram profiles to follow for Digital Marketing is exactly what those entering the world of digital marketing for the first time need. Maybe because they would like to start working on it and need to learn.

But not by chance. Thanks to these profiles, you learn from those who really know the subjects and share them without hiding what really matters.

What do I mean by “Instagram profiles to follow for digital marketing”?

I didn't take random profiles. But only the best ones.

I have selected and followed various profiles and accounts to understand which of them are the ones that talk about digital marketing always trying to share value and generate an exchange of vision and information.

Why did I choose them?

Here are the criteria I use to select the 6 Instagram profiles to follow for digital marketing:

  • Quality of content published – Each of these instagram profiles constantly shares information, advice, valuable points of view for all those involved in digital marketing. Thanks to them, you receive something every day that makes you grow and improve.
  • Frequency of publication – Their editorial calendar is never left to chance. They manage to publish with a consistency bordering on Swiss precision. Few times they missed a day of publication. Often, when they couldn't follow the editorial calendar, they warned the followers. Fantastic!
  • Feed care, use of features and visuals – They have an artfully curated feed as if it were an Andy Warhol pop work. This is certainly not a direct sign of competence in digital marketing. But it makes it clear that these profiles know how to take advantage of the Instagram algorithm and optimize their social activity to the maximum. They know which one feature of the moment push (feeds, carousels, stories, videos, direct) and how to manage them graphically.
  • Engagement, live and direct activities – The profiles that I have included in the selection are all prepared to keep the engagement of followers high thanks to video stories, Instagram direct and live activities with other profiles. Knowing how to manage your community is something that few are able to do.

I could have included many other Instagram profiles to follow for Digital Marketing, even much more famous than them.

Dario Vignali, Raffaele Gaito, Luca Mastella, Alessio Beltrami, Luca Barboni, Andrea Saletti, Luca La Mesa, Giacomo Lucarini, Michael Vittori, Riccardo Scandellari, Federica Mutti, Salvatore Russo.

I could go on for a while! 😅

Nobody gets offended if they don't find themselves in this long list of names.

In all honesty these are the leading digital marketing experts that I always take as a reference when I need to stay up to date in the industry and hear a relevant voice. The digital marketing experts I mentioned to you they always propose innovation.

The discriminant for the selection of this article is: how do they do it on instagram?

Instagram profiles to follow for Digital Marketing: do you think someone is missing?

If you believe this selection is wrong or you would have reported other profiles, write me your reasons in the comments below. Or let's talk about it on social networks. Send me a connection request on LinkedIn!

Thanks for reading my collection. I really hope it helps you to expand relevant profiles to follow on social networks. Taking care of your follower list is an important activity in web marketing because it allows you to stay updated without too much difficulty.


This blog article it has no promotional purpose. The images are screenshots created on 17.11.2020. The published content was created for information purposes only and the information provided is the result of the free thought of the author of this website.

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