Who is Roberta Capua? Age, husband, partner, career, children and private life

Who is Roberta Capua? Age, husband, partner, career, children and private life

And yes, as a child she dreamed of the toga, the tomes to study and a career as a lawyer «like my father. He was my point of reference, so much so that I wanted to follow in his footsteps ». Then, however, an evening at a disco in the mountains, in Ortisei, so far from his Naples and from the high school life he had led up to that moment, suddenly changed Roberta Capua's horizons.

«I was 17, I was on vacation and I made the Miss Italia selections for fun. I reached the final almost without realizing what was happening to me, the same amazement when I won the crown. It was 1986. The following year I finished second in Miss Universe. But can you believe that I've never seen myself particularly beautiful? I have always accepted my body, too long and very slender, and my face, aware that beauty is a gift, but it is not a merit that you have won with commitment and effort.

Living on appearance alone is not for me, therefore, as soon as I could, I left my modeling career and took the opportunity to make TV. I could talk, express myself, show emotions. Let's try, let's see how it goes, I said ».

It went well: about thirty years have passed since the first program. Now Roberta is the afternoon queen of Raiuno, paired with Gianluca Semprini, at Summer Live. “There is a good mix between us. He is more linked to information and current events, I to costume and entertainment: this harmony shines through and is giving us an excellent response from the public, "she says proudly. "I was missing on Raiuno for 14 years, for me this program is as welcome as it is unexpected: it has revolutionized holidays and the hottest season of the year. But in my life it has always been that suddenly something happens that upsets my plans and projects me elsewhere.

In work, but also in love ». Overcoming the proverbial confidentiality, she says: "I met my husband Stefano fifteen years ago and, after three months, I changed my city and my life," she explains while parading with a series of one-piece swimsuits and kimonos, cool garments of the season. He joins her and they pose for us for a photo together, which rarely happens. "The last images were those of the wedding, ten years ago," he says smiling and continues: "He introduced us to a mutual friend, a sort of combo, those things that usually lead nowhere.

We were both single. He calmer, I rather disenchanted and not at all in search of great love. I was quite disappointed with previous relationships, so I wanted to focus
about myself and my career. However, this man with direct, straightforward ways, without frills, a little closed, but with a strong sense of irony, struck me. It took a weekend at the beach, in Sardinia, and a kiss stolen in the hotel parking lot before saying goodbye to understand that my life was changing.

We met in May, I left Rome in September to go and live with him in Bologna, and in June of the following year I was pregnant with Leonardo, who is now 13 years old ". For him, for the family, you gave up your job … «I slowed down and then I said some no, but I didn't regret it. Leonardo was born when I was 39 and had already been in the media blender for a long time. I was able to choose to stop, to be with my son and watch him grow up. It was a privilege that I faced with awareness and courage: I was ready to reinvent myself if necessary ».

Roberta is frank when she confides: «Alongside my men I have changed, I have become a better woman, more balanced, capable of giving the right weight to things and setting priorities well. Before I was more cynical in the vision of life, very linked to work and projected towards a career. I'm wiser now and family is everything. I would have liked to have another child, maybe another boy, but he hasn't arrived, so we stopped and that's okay ».

Roberta stretches her legs with innate elegance and looks at you with that warm, Neapolitan look that makes her fascinating. "At twenty I looked at myself in the mirror in a distracted way, today if I stop I notice that I am fine with myself, that I like myself more than then, even if after the age of 50 the metabolism changes and forces you to be careful about it you eat and your face reflects more what you are and what you feel. I am able to accept the passing of time, I do not fight it, on the contrary I face it with gentleness ».

Are Stefano and Leonardo jealous? “Not so much, in the right way. We are very united, we do not need anything else besides the three of us to feel good ». And he confides: «One of the strongest bonds between Stefano and me is that we laugh a lot, it still happens today, after fifteen years. We are not romantics, we do not like fuss, but we know that our strength lies in being each other's support, with respect and lightness, always grateful for everything that life has given us. Now that our son has grown up he has entered the monster way of joking and taking life with a smile. I take it even more now that I work all week and, when I join them at the weekend, I feel complete and satisfied ». A queen of hearts.

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Daydreamer is back and the love story between Can and Sanem for those who lost it

Daydreamer new audience record for the 4th May episode

Daydreamer new audience record for the 4th May episodeDaydreamer is back and the love story between Can and Sanem for those who lost it. We must never stop dreaming especially if the Turkish Daydreamer series made us dream and fall in love for a whole year, from summer 2020 to May 2021. The latest installment of the successful Turkish series that has consecrated the fame of Can Yaman is over. last May but those who have never seen it can fully experience the love story between Can and Sanem.

Daydreamer is back and the love story between Can and Sanem for those who lost it

Can Yaman plays Can Divit, talented photographer and rebellious spirit, who loves travel and nature. Back in the capital, he takes over his father's business – a well-known advertising agency – with his brother Emre, a gray accountant, serious and dedicated to work.

The stories of the two boys are intertwined with that of the shy and dreamer Sanem Aydın (Demet Özdemir), whose dream is to become a writer and move to the Galapagos. To make ends meet, the young woman helps her father in the family grocery store in a popular part of town. And, to become independent, Sanem finds work in the agency where his sister is also employed.

This is where the girl will meet Can …

In the cast of the series there is also another face much loved by the Italian public: that of Oznur Serceler, seen in Bitter Sweet, which in Daydreamer it's Leyla, Sanem's sister.

Where to see the entire Daydreamer series The wings of the dream in summer 2021?

Fans of the Daydreamer series are not left orphaned by one of TV's most beloved couples, Can and Demet. In fact the replicas of DayDreamer, from Monday 31 May they are broadcast on weekdays, from Monday to Friday on The 5.

From about 7:25 pm, every day, two episodes of the successful Turkish series are broadcast, accompanying the audience of La 5 until the first evening of the network. Why miss it? Relive the love between Can and Sanem!


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House of Gucci, Eagle tries: "World premiere in Italy, we bring Lady Gaga"

House of Gucci, Eagle tries: "World premiere in Italy, we bring Lady Gaga"

The Venice Film Festival escaped (the film would not be ready yet), House of Gucci however, it will have a world premiere in Italy.
To announce it to MoviePlayer Roberto Proia, Executive Director Theatrical Distibution and Productions of Eagle Pictures, the film distribution company in the Bel Paese.

“The world premiere of House of Gucci must be in Italy, because a story linked to our country”.

Few but good words to dream of Lady Gaga's return, two years after the world premiere of A Star is Born in Venice. On the other hand, Ridley Scott's film was almost entirely shot in our country, as well as telling an entirely Italian news story. So what better place than this for a mega star-studded red carpet?

House of Gucci will be released on November 24th in American cinemas, and then arrive on December 3rd in Italian cinemas. There Rome Film Festival will be held from 14 to 24 October 2021, which is one month before the international release of the film. Will the Auditorium designed by Renzo Piano welcome House of Gucci?

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